Modern Language Requirements

Hola. Bonjour. Hallo. How many of your high school language skills are going to make the journey to college? While retaining those skills can be difficult over a long summer, taking a language in college might be an incentive to keep in practice. While it is still encouraged to continue a language regardless of your program, some students do not have an actual requirement.

Visit Days at DePaul

As the weather starts to cool down, I can almost feel the excitement that comes with the beginning of the school year. The nervous, excited faces of new freshman will soon inject a bit of excitement into the campus and remind everyone that these are the best times of our lives. The freshman awe quickly passes as students get familiar with the campus and begin to make new friends and create their own memories.

Premiere DePaul - Summer Orientation

Get excited for Premiere DePaul! Our freshmen orientation program is the first experience many of you will have with us but it is designed to prepare you for the four wonderful years ahead.

Red and Blue Cords

Being part of the Honors Program isn’t simply wearing a red and blue cord at graduation. Being an Honors student doesn’t necessarily mean “harder classes” or “more work”. It is much more than that. For many DePaul undergrads, it’s a lifestyle.

Completing Your Application

From the moment DePaul receives your application until the day you graduate, there is one resource that you will use to do everything from signing up for classes to accepting financial aid. Of course, I’m talking about your Campus Connect account, the online page that connects you to the university.

Service and Leadership Scholarships

For some students, there is nothing more daunting in the college search than the prospect of scholarships. The entire process can appear very complicated and confusing for the first time. Luckily, there is an entire team within admission who are there to help you with all of your scholarship concerns.

Federal Student Aid: Closer Than You May Think

Federal Student Aid – Closer Than You May Think Next to your college application, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) may be one of the most important things you complete before attending college. This application is necessary in order to apply for any federal, state or internal financial aid for most schools in the country. The FAFSA is always free through their website,

Early Action is Right Around the Corner

DePaul’s Early Action Program is unique in the sense that it a non-binding advantage to applying. Unlike many programs of its kind that demand a commitment if accepted, the DePaul Early Action Program (EAP) allows its students to retain all of the advantages, while having none of the obligation. It seems to be just another way that DePaul provides its students with options.

Focal Point

Your Discover or Explore class helps you get comfortable with the city, your Focal Point class (the other half of the Chicago Quarter program) helps you to adjust to many of your new academic expectations. Simply put, this class provides you with a topic and gives you resources in order to effectively research, compile data, and write a research paper on the issue.

DePaul Comes to Your Town!

Working as an intern in the Office of Admission comes with a lot of great opportunities to talk with prospective students. Most times, I interact with students who come to the university for information sessions and tours. Occasionally, I get the chance to actually travel to meet these students at their high schools or regional events.

Why Chicago?

The uneasiness that comes with graduating high school is typical for nearly everyone. There are a lot of big decisions that get made the summer before senior year: what college to attend, what you want to study, essentially what you want to be.