Finals Week at DePaul (AGAIN!)

Finals week is here again. And just like I provided some tips on how to get through midterms, I'm going to provide some tips on how to get through finals at DePaul (with a little help from my fellow Blue Demons!) Make sure you check out the video!

Finals week brings on a whole different stress than midterms week. During finals, you're now 10 weeks in and not 5. You're more drained. Ready for that springtime weather. And there's one (or four) things holding you back from that well-deserved Spring Break: exams/papers.

Now, exams and papers may seem daunting but DePaul helps you out during finals week especially when it comes to places on campus to study! Some of these places include:

  • The John T Richardson Library
  • The Schmitt Academic Center/Levan Center/O'Connell Center
  • Arts and Letters Hall
  • The Student Center

Another great way to help yourself out during finals week is finding little rewards for motivation as you go. This can be literal treats and sweets or it can be music to help you relax or get your mind in shape for the tasks ahead. Or even another cup of coffee as a reward (because we all know that you've most likely had your fair share already if it's finals week.)

Another great way to relieve some of that finals stress is going to the Ray Meyer Fitness Center. You can check out my post from a few weeks to get a better understanding of what the Ray has to offer! All I know is that once my blood gets pumping and the endorphins start churning, the stresses of finals week magically disappear.

But enough from me! Let's listen to what our fellow classmates have to say about how they get prepared for finals week. Check it out!
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