Financing DePaul

One of the biggest worries about attending a university (especially a private university) is being able to afford it. Students looking at DePaul University might see the tuition price and get scared beyond belief at what they see. I was in the same exact boat when I was looking at DePaul but never fear! DePaul’s Vincentian mission ensures educational accessibility across the board.

One of the key points of St. Vincent DePaul's mission is to give back to others. DePaul fulfills this mission through its financial aid. If you cannot afford to attend DePaul, the Financial Aid office will make sure to make it affordable enough for you. When I was accepted into DePaul, I knew my family and I could not afford to pay for the full amount; however, I was pleased when I saw my scholarship and financial aid package.

There are many options available. There are merit-based aid or scholarships, which are based on one’s academic performance in high school. There is need-based aid, which is based on your FAFSA and your family’s expected contribution.  Then there are grants and loans that you can get from either DePaul or the government. Some of the governmental grants are the MAP Grant (for Illinois residents) or the PELL Grant for all students that fulfill the requirements.

In my situation, it is cheaper for me to attend DePaul than it is to attend any in-state institution in Indiana simply because of the financial aid they provided. I can honestly say that DePaul has helped me access education on all grounds and I am eternally grateful for it.

If you have any questions about financial aid, you can email DePaul Central at

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