Getting Involved: DePaul Student Government Association

Every school has their own organization that represents the student body in many different ways. At DePaul, we have the Student Government Association (SGA). This organization is all student-run and they accomplish things both academically and operationally. It is one way to get yourself deep into what DePaul is all about as an institution.

The DePaul Student Government Association is "a 35-member student organization, which includes an 11-person executive branch and 24 senators and liaisons from each of DePaul's 10 colleges. In the past, SGA has led the charge in a number of key issue areas, including fighting for financial aid for Illinois college students, securing university funding and support for campus-wide environmental initiatives and promoting institutional diversity and student well-being. This regularly brings us face-to-face with University administrators and state and local officials." Currently, I hold the office of Senator for Second Year Students. In this position, I represent all second year students and hear out their concerns and try to make their experience at DePaul more enhanced. I work mostly on operational things, which are the things you can see more around campus like better wireless or off-campus shuttles, for example.

There are elections held twice a year: once in the Fall and once in the Spring. In order to get elected into office, you must have petitions signed, a platform/initiatives to run on, and possibly some poster designs to campaign yourself. After the elections, you are then inducted into SGA.

You can check out more about SGA by clicking the link above or checking out their initiatives here!

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