Blue Demons in Blue Devil Territory

My spring break this year started off really exciting. I traveled to Durham, North Carolina with the pep band to play at the women's NCAA tournament. This is the 11th straight year that the women's team has made the tournament and every year it is always an honor.

My sophomore year we traveled to Penn State for the first 2 rounds and then Philadelphia for the Sweet 16. Last year, DePaul hosted the first 2 rounds so we did not travel, but it was really exciting to play in our hometown. This year on selection Monday we were crossing our fingers we would go somewhere warm. I was thrilled to find out our location was Durham because I have never been to North Carolina before (and it was warmer than Chicago!).

Saturday we explored Duke's campus. I really liked their campus, but of course it was no DePaul ;-) Outside of their student center was a graffiti wall which I thought was an interesting addition. There were drawings, inspirational quotes, and just some uplifting phrases (such as, "Your hair looks great today!"). We also looked around the athletics hall of fame which had a section dedicated to Chicago-born Coach Krzyzewski.

Duke's campus

Sunday our Lady Blue Demons took on Oklahoma State in Cameron Indoor Stadium. Cameron is a highly recognized college stadium (due to Coach K's reputation) so it was very exciting to play in such a distinguished arena. Though we did not advance to the second round I had such a fun time supporting our women's team and playing with such a great band.

Lady Blue Demons (in blue) playing in Cameron Indoor Stadium

The rest of my spring break was not as exciting as going to Durham, but I got a lot of organizing done after a hectic quarter and tried a new recipe for dinner. I also went home for a few days to see my family which was nice because I had not been home since winter break. Now it's spring and hopefully some warmer weather will visit Chicago!

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