Finding My Place at The Ray

I'll admit that exercise is not one of my favorite activities. I played volleyball and basketball in middle school but stopped in high school. Once I got to DePaul, I decided to take advantage of The Ray and all it has to offer.

The Ray can be a little overwhelming. The first time I went, my friend and I just tried out almost every machine. I have never been a runner, so I stayed away from the treadmills. However I liked the elliptical machines so I used those a lot the first few weeks I went to The Ray. But doing the same thing can be a little boring so I decided to check out the free classes. There are so many to choose from and most are for any fitness level. Going with a friend usually makes them more fun and is a great motivator  because you don't want to flake out on plans with a friend. By the end of fall quarter, we found some classes we liked. Our favorite was Hip Hop Dance Party on Tuesday nights (unfortunately it is not offered anymore). I like to dance and it was a great work out. Crunch is a great class that works your abs. I didn't know there were other things you could do beside crunches to strengthen your core so it was beneficial to go.

Towards the end of my sophomore year, I decided to check out a cycling class. I am not a morning person so I went to an evening class and enjoyed it. I started going every so often, which has increased to more frequent visits. It wasn't exactly an instant love, but I really like going and try to make it a part of my schedule. The Ray offers different types of cycling classes ranging from 45 - 90 minutes.

My favorite class at The Ray is Zumba!! It is super fun and plays upbeat music. If you aren't familiar with what Zumba is, The Ray defines it as follows: Zumba is a dance-fitness class that incorporates Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves. The class format combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.

Some people worry about looking ridiculous because they aren't a good dancer. What I like about Zumba is that no one is perfect and no one judges your dance ability because they're too busy worrying if they're doing the moves correctly. I am by no means the best Zumba-er but I have work hard and that's really all that matters. It's an hour long but it goes by so quickly.  

If you are like me and not a big fitness buff, it may take a while to find something you like. That's ok though because there are a lot of options at The Ray. It doesn't have to be a class. A lot of people just get into running while at DePaul. There is a great indoor track on the 4th level where you can see the sky line! The Ray is open 5:30 am - 11:30 pm Monday-Thursday; 5:30 am -10 pm Fridays and 7 am -10 pm Saturday and Sunday so you can go at almost any time that works for your schedule. Night Owls and Early Birds can get their fitness on at whatever time they're awake.

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