University Counseling Services

Though college--and life--is exciting, fun, and filled with new experiences and friends, it is (unfortunately) not always sunshine and rainbows. It is important to find ways to de-stress & surround yourself with a good support system, especially if you do not live close to home. However, sometimes you need more than your support system (and that's OK). When that happens, University Counseling Services (UCS) is there.

Your mental health is just as important as physical health, but people often overlook it, probably because there seems to be a stigma surrounding it. Sometimes people are afraid of being labeled "weak" or "crazy" for seeing a therapist. Talking to someone about your feelings does NOT make you weak or crazy or any less of a person. Sometimes we need help processing the hand we have been dealt with.

This summer threw me a big curve ball. I will not go into specifics, but it was a lot to handle. One day I was browsing the blog Thought Catalog and found a post titled You Should Talk About Going to Therapy. It was the push I needed to pick up the phone and call UCS. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

All DePaul students have access to UCS and are allowed 20 individual sessions per degree program. Individual sessions cost $5 each. Group sessions are also available, free, and there is no limit. When I called I answered a few questions about myself and why I was calling. I was then matched with a staff member who contacted me to setup my first appointment. I filled out a questionnaire and then became acquainted with my therapist. Once a week for 45 minutes I could talk about whatever I wanted to. When I would leave my sessions, I always felt more relaxed. I would usually try to visit The Ray after to release those feel-good endorphins, too.

When fall quarter began I was at a better place. I began to only go every few weeks instead of once a week. Sometimes things just take time, but having someone who is trained to help you can make getting through the "storm" a little big easier. DePaul offers so many resources and it is important to take advantage of them (and know about them) especially since graduation is right around the corner!

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