Visiting DePaul

I remember when DePaul came on my radar the beginning of my junior year of high school. I remember going to a college fair in St. Louis and I knew I wanted to go to school in Chicago and wanted to go into web design. I went to every Chicago table and asked about a web design program. Most just had Information Systems, Information Technology, or Computer Science for a technology related major. At DePaul's table, I received a packet about CDM and was sucked in. 

I had my first unofficial visit in January 2008. I was visiting Chicago and I remember it was SO cold. Temperatures were in the negatives with the wind chill and I had never experienced that level of cold before. I walked around the loop campus to see the buildings and stopped by the bookstore to buy a shirt. I definitely recommend everyone visits DePaul in the winter if they are not familiar with Chicago winters. You need to know what the cold is like and how to properly prepare for it. 

My first visit to DePaul's Loop campus in the cold!

My next visit was in the summer before I started my senior year of high school. CDM was having a preview day for people interested in Interactive Media, Animation, and Digital Cinema. I remember being blown away by the up-to-date technology in the building tour. At that point, I knew DePaul was for me. I made it my number one choice because they actually had a program for what I wanted to do.

I applied in late September, heard back in December, and made one final visit in February. I had already committed to DePaul, but I had not been to the Lincoln Park campus. I scheduled a tour so I could see what the other campus was like because I wanted to live there. Even though it was snowy and cold, I loved the neighborhood. I loved that I could go to school in the city but still have a quad.

The next day was admitted student day for CDM and I couldn't be more excited to start. When you visit, make sure you ask any questions you may have to your tour guide or a student panel. The week before I came for admitted student day I started writing down any questions I thought of so I wouldn't forget them. Also, make sure you check the weather to see if it will be warm, cold, or somewhere in between. 

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