Resources Here at DePaul!

As the quarter winds down, and senioritis starts to settle in, it is one of my greatest pleasures to pass down are some of my favorite resources here on campus. Throughout my four years here at DePaul, I have utilizde some of the most important offices on campus and now, as incoming freshman or current students, I would like to pass along that information to you! Of course, this list is by no means complete but I figured, if I give you a head start, you can become well-acquainted with the offices that I frequent the most here DePaul.

UMIN - Even though it’s University Ministries, they take in all different kinds of faiths and are welcoming to all students. I go there just to speak with the university chaplain, to discuss upcoming events or to even eat lunch. Great office for anyone just seeking a welcoming office.

Office of New Student and Family Engagement
- Now this office specializes in first-year student success and I have to say that they are good at what they do. Not only does this office help first year students, but it is home to the community resource specialist, LGBTQA student services and sexual health and violence prevention

Office of Multicultural Student Success
- Or as I like to call it, OMSS. They help diverse students become successful and have such a warm and welcoming staff as well. OMSS has also helped me with test preparation for the GRE and the MCAT and works with students in their future successes.

Center for Intercultural Programs (CIP)
- This is another office that I visit frequently and mostly because they have such amazing programs! The events that they host are so enlightening and truly open my eyes to a lot of the issues we face in the U.S. today. They also have tutoring with math and writing tutors so that you get personal help from your peers which I think is truly great!

So those are some of the offices that I can be found in on campus. They are great resources for any student at DePaul to seek out and many of their offices are right in the Student Center! I hope these offices can help you in the way that they have helped me in tremendous ways. If you do decide to come to DePaul, make these your first steps on your road to graduation.

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