The Final Countdown

I can hear the sleigh bells ringing. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. It’s the final countdown! Ok, that’s enough of the song puns but you have to admit, there’s a certain feeling in the air as we begin the last few days of classes. The library is filled with students cramming in any last minute ideas and professors everywhere are all too eager to hand out last assignments. It’s finals week here at DePaul also known as the final frontier, the final destination, the final -- OK I think you get it. 

You’d think that after 3 years of countless finals that I would get use to the urgency but it’s all so new. With the election only happening a few weeks ago and Chicago weather being up and down so often, it is sort of hard to really gauge how someone feels. Sunday afternoon, I thought I would be a good student and head on over to the library to get in some studying but after searching four floors and all of the study rooms, it became clear to me that everyone had that same idea. 

For my four classes, I have three papers and one test. Not too bad, considering I remember days when I would have four finals in a row on one day. Students all across DePaul are gearing up for the most important part of being a college student -- final grades. For 10 weeks, we’ve studied, memorized and verbalized our feelings about topics that are new to most of us in these classes. For me personally, I have absolutely loved ALL of my classes since they all involve health in some way. My classes are Medical Ethics, Health Science Capstone, Health and Globalization and Social Epidemiology. They have all helped in some way with defining my career goals and they will continue to do so even after I have left the classes. 

So no, I’m not worried about my final grades or finding a place to study because I’ve started to understand just how important it is to actually gain something from the class and then the readings and tests will start to make sense. Finals are not as scary as people make them out to be, especially if you’re not only doing something you love, but you’ve been preparing to do it your entire life. 

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