Welcome Back

It’s the final quarter and then I'm off into the real world. Crazy right? Most of my senior friends are preparing to leave Chicago and go on to other adventures but if I’m honest, I just got here! I know, everyone says that four years is long enough but there’s so much more to explore. So many museums I haven’t been to, so many social justice issues I haven’t changed and even more people I haven’t met. 

The beautiful thing about DePaul, which I’ve stated before is that Chicago is your classroom when you become a student here. We explore, research and do service in our neighborhoods. We, in essence, become a part of these communities and they become a part of us. It happens so often that it’s almost as if DePaul makes it so you don’t want to leave. DePaul problems. 

So the big question that I constantly get asked is, “What are you doing after graduation?” and I definitely have an answer but I won’t tell you just yet! I will be attending graduate school and getting a job so that I will be able to pay for my schooling. Having a degree in Health Sciences allows me to do numerous things and be almost guaranteed a job (which is beautiful!) but the one piece of advice I would give anyone who is graduating is to make sure you are doing something you would like to do. 

A lot of times, students come into DePaul picking a major that will either get them a lot of money or something their parents would like for them to do. It’s a sad truth at any college but when we students cross over that stage and enter into the real world, you make a choice on whether or not you will be happy with the decisions you made. College is a beautiful place to find out who you are but it’s even better to find out the reason why you are who you are. 

Why do you wake up in the morning? Why do you have the beliefs you do? Why are you the person you are today? If you can’t answer those just yet, DONT WORRY! Most people can’t answer them at the age of 50 but DePaul is one of those places where you can explore that. Now, I’m not saying that the answers will be found by the time you graduate but you will be on the track to finding out. 

One thing I was always taught and apply to college in every way possible is, “When you leave college, remember why you came here in the first place.” Welcome back and see you next week! 

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