Turkey Afterthoughts: Wrapping Up Autumn Quarter

It is a little after six in the evening but the darkness I see looking out the Metra window on the commute back home makes it feel more like 8 p.m.  Seeing as I am not too particularly fond of driving, public transportation all of a sudden seems like a GREAT [and sustainable] alternative. Now that I have finished my autumn quarter, I am so looking forward to the month and a half of a less hectic schedule. Time to start my 2012 Winter Break Bucketlist!

                     Regina Spektor Concert (left) some of the "Bday Gang" (right)

My evenings are free: no articles to read or papers to write—sounds amazing! I’m waiting on one more grade to see how well I was able to balance a 9-5 Monday-Friday job while commuting 3 hours each day and taking three night classes.  I’ll tell you all something, you don’t know your full potential until you have really pushed yourself with what you would think is the “impossible.”  Such a drastic change of setting and scheduling...I think I still turned out fine! As hard as this quarter was, I am definitely looking forward to a more "multicultural studies" course load this winter quarter (and a nice bonus is having my sister in one of my classes!).

                       Newlyweds Gina and Danny (left) Mr.&Mrs. Magana and Co.                                                                           dancing Gangnam Style! (right)

To all the Baby Blue Demons, congrats! You “survived” your freshman fall quarter! To the sophomores and juniors, keep trucking...you’re not quite done yet. To the graduating Class of 2013, enjoy your last couple of quarters! 

Carnitas in the brewing! So delicious

Although, it was a busy academic quarter, I thoroughly enjoyed the two weddings I participated in, found time to (mini) road-trip it to Michigan to cook up some carnitas (goat meat) with my dad’s side of the family, benefited from the City’s entertainment scene with Regina Spektor concert and a comedy show at Chicago’s Laugh Factory, and kicked off November with a belated Chicago-fashioned birthday—which capped off “The Year of the Trolley!” Life and fun don’t
have to end post-college years! Always find time to do and be with the ones that make you happy! Laugh a little…

Now, of course, it can't be all fun and games. Although I would love that, I couldn't be more grateful for the professional opportunity and knowledge I have gained at my internship—came just in time.  Perhaps having a flexible internship is what made this quarter all the more doable! So once again, seniors, yes, everyone puts pressure to lock-in a full-time job but never underestimate the intern experience. One thing is for sure, time to recharge for winter quarter! 

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