#DoubleDemonStatus: Class of 2013

284 days filled with night classes, endless papers, and lengthy readings boiled down to the anticipation and excitement of walking those steps up to the stage at DePaul University’s 115th Commencement Ceremony for the College of Communication…

What’s in YOUR DePaul Course Cart?

Finally, the smell of Chicago spring greets its residents in their daily morning rituals whether it be going on that morning run or getting ready for the day’s work schedule. I have finished up week one of DePaul’s spring quarter and attended my last “day ones” filled with introductions and syllabi formalities of my Organizational and Multicultural master’s program—I could not be more excited to wrap this puppy up, figuratively of course…

Winter Quarter Started, So Why Is Chicago Warm?

This winter temperatures have reached 50 degrees in Chicago! As I return to classes after a month and a half month off, my mind and body are not only reluctant to get back in the swing of things, but they are also slightly confused at the unusually mild winter Chicago has been experiencing.

Turkey Afterthoughts: Wrapping Up Autumn Quarter

It is a little after six in the evening but the darkness I see looking out the Metra window on the commute back home makes it feel more like 8 p.m. Seeing as I am not too particularly fond of driving, public transportation all of a sudden seems like a GREAT [and sustainable] alternative. Now that I have finished my autumn quarter, I am so looking forward to the month and a half of a less hectic schedule. Time to start on my 2012 Winter Break Bucketlist!

Bells Will Be Ringing!

First full week of grad student status with a full work week is in full swing. Oh and not to mention wedding celebrations, yes, "celebrations" as in plural. This will make for a very exciting fall season and even more thrilling September month! Welcome to my so-called life.

First Day of School: Double Demon

The American holiday Labor Day has marked the official end of summer and beginning of classes for the DePaul quarter system. You thought I graduated and even saw pictures of me in my cap and gown--well yes, you are correct. However, I'm working towards "Double Demon status"...

Life Post DePaul

Hello My Friends, I bid you all good day once again! It has been quite some time since I last posted anticipating my Parisian rendezvous.

Paris, Take 3

A little over a month into my new job and am loving the kind of work I am doing and the people I'm meeting. Hearing French coming from offices or just a couple cubicles down has been a such a tease! BUT Daisy is returning to the 3rd Motherland: Paris. For seven days, I will be once again immersed in French culture. This time not with the eyes of a student, but a college graduate re-visiting the place where she created many memories.

Interning, Interning, Getting Paid

Yes, although I may be a college graduate, intern positions can still be the way to go before finding that full-time, 9-5, FOREVER...I'm one footstep from entering the "real world" and come September I'll once again be a student: Graduate Student...

I Am a DePaul Graduate...

"I am a DePaul Graduate..." those were the words our President of DePaul University echoed through my commencement ceremony on Sunday, June 10th...

The Magic 10

DePaul's Week 10 has commenced with a lazy summery start: Memorial Day weekend. So, not only is 10 my favorite number, but it is also the final installment of the countdown to graduation. I officially graduate in less than two weeks...scary

Cords, Cords, Cords, Everybody!

After four years of being a member of the Honors Program, I get to adorn my cap and gown outfit with some lovely cords. Another step towards finalizing my Blue Demon graduation wardrobe.

DePaul Perk: Location

It's great to know that a visit to the fams is only a train ride or car ride away...

My Success is Your Success

And Senior Status just settled in a bit more. My days as a DePaul undergrad are winding down...When things start getting real: #AlumStatus

Going Grad, a Full-Time Gig

June 10th will mark my last "official" day as an undergraduate student; however, May 4th will also be another stepping stone for my DD status: Double Demon. I will officially be enrolling as a full time graduate student on May 4th but in the meanwhile maybe this video will help me with the task at hand...Enjoy Class 2012! hahahaha

And the Search Begins: Job Search 101

At the start of week five AND #SeniorStatus means only one thing: Job Search Galore...

Easter: 40 Day Dream

Giving up something either a habit or a favorite food is difficult to do--let alone doing it for 40 days. Easter has passed meaning one thing: the abstinence is over! Granted...I didn't quite "give up" something as many Catholics are encouraged to do...But I cheered and supported those who did. As I like to think, it's not simply about giving up, but taking on!

Between Freshman and Senior Year

It is funny how one's college experience starts before they have even set foot in a university classroom. As a "top dawg" in highschool, one chooses where the next years of their life will unfold...The end of one chapter is only the beginning of another!

Spring Quarter: The Final 3

The final 3 courses in my young Blue Demon undegraduate career will unfold during these next 10 weeks...so far I've been to one of the three and am digging the courseload. Spring quarter let's see what you got!--Time to spring forward...

The Final Winter Haul

Chicago has had a mild winter but DePaul students are about to feel the heat even more! Our brains are'a'churning and keep the coffee coming!

Persistence, It's Hard Work

DePaul not only offers intriguing public relations courses, but the professors also know how to use Chicago's resources and their own connections. One thing I have learned is that if one wishes to gain self-satisfaction and succeed in any facet of life: persistence is an important key player.

Centennial: Room 507, Best View in Town

Very soon, Freshmen will be deciding whether they will be living on-campus or venturing "off-campus"---for me it's a two block "commute"--Freshies are probably in the midst of discussing roommate "situations as we speak...

G Phi O Christmas

Christmas doesn't only happen in February. Let's just say Gamma Phi Omega's Public Ceremony is almost as good as: waking up Christmas morning and running downstairs in your onesie to bust open the presents under the Christmas tree...

Happy Feet...

Taking advantage of the once again warm-ish Chicago winter weather by skating at the well-known Millennium Park Skating Rink...and the "open-late" bakery gems in the city...

Miss Black & Gold

The 2012 Miss Black & Gold Scholarship Pageant is an event organized by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. that celebrates well-rounded young women in college and awards the winner with an academic scholarship.

MLK Service a la Swan Style

This weekend Chicago hosted a service day dedicated to one of American history's most prominent civil rights leader: Martin Luther King Jr. An estimate of 3,000 volunteers gathered at Union Station, one of Chicago's suburban bound train stations, to hold an opening ceremony and perform community service throughout the City of Chicago

Shorts in January? The Unpredictable Chicago Weather

I once read: Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening...

2012: Starting Full Throttle

The new year brings about a new quarter at DePaul which not only means a new course load but also a fresh lineup of events...

Lincoln Park Zoolights It Is!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. But, the fire is so delightful. And since we've no place to go...hh wait...yes, we do. The Lincoln Park Zoo it is!

Intersession: 3 is the New 10

I took advantage of this Thanksgiving holiday by waking up with no alarm clock and staying in my jammies until late in the afternoon…yes, I know…that doesn’t sound like I took much advantage at all…in fact one could say that is exactly the opposite…but sometimes less is more my friends…

Dancing with the Blue Demons

Ritmo Dembow does it again! They delivered a fun-filled and entertaining event this past Saturday, November 12th. There were various groups who performed both from DePaul and outside organizations. There were a couple of high school groups who performed a hip-hop medley and then a college group, which you can see in the video, executed amazing and crazy breakdancing moves.

Special Events Call for Expertise

As my special events professor said: Special Events, yea anyone can order tables and chairs---but that's not what planning an event is all about...this smells like a job for an Event Leader!

Sisterhood of the Traveling Tiara

Move over Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! There are some new girls in town that are about to show that sisterhood goes beyond some traveling jeans. Let's raise our glass and give a toast to the Birthday girl!

Go Van Gogh!

What's a good girls' night out? Painting! Yes, you read correctly. Relaxing and letting the creative juices flow at Arts n Spirits in Chicago's Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood.

Brand New Day

Sometimes you just have push on forward depsite the little bumps in the road--as big or small as they may be.

Stepping Out Diabetes, Swan Style

Swans flap their wings towards Indianapolis to raise awareness and support our philanthropy: American Diabetes Association. The video is a little preview of our call, which is used by some Greek organizations during social functions to acknowledge their presence.

Post-Its: Colorful Reminders

Youngzheimers: A condition that may arise upon entering college and/or accumulating one too many activities…Here’s how to combat it…or at least try!

The Battle of the R’s: Ray & Richie

This quarter I’ll be getting well acquainted with Richie, but will Ray become saddened? I hope to have time for both!

A Balancing Act

It’s only week “one” however you could have me fooled…I did indeed miss DePaul so let’s hope the novelty doesn’t wear off by week two! What will be my main key(s): Organizational skills and Time Management, thank baby Jesus for planners…and Family =)

Flashback to a Year Ago-ish

My two weeks notice, and nothing in the professional settting....A year ago I was surreally counting down the days until my Paris bound flight took off American soil, and now?...

Baby Blue Demons, Class of 2015

Your freshmen year is filled with a WHOLE bunch of freebies...take advantage.

Gorgeous, Prestigious, & Original...

Gamma Phi Omega has all those qualities ;-) Greek Life, a unique staple to American college way of life. Getting past the stereotypes of "frats" and sororities.

Portion Control: Dividing the Plate Just Right.

Sure summer is all about looking your “summer best”. It seems like all year it builds up to these 3 months of Chicago heat to show off those abs of steel or those toned arms achieved by not eating that brownie or skipping that morning latte. Cue Diana Ross’ song “I’m Coming Out”…

have you seen Dexter? and no, NOT the show...

Even though each “DeBlogger” is very unique in their respective ways with varying interests and tastes (fashion guru , “Greeks” on campus, “Baby Mozart” and so on) there seem to be reoccurring similarities between us DeBloggers! You may have recently read Gabrielle’s post about her new dog, and now, there is yet another pup added to the Blue Demon Crew. World meet Dexter the Boxer!

Roll Out, Roll Out....

Marcus isn't the only Blue Demon commuting and, like him, my job is also located on-campus. In fact, I'm in two different departments. The upside of things? I only have to cross Wabash Avenue to go from one to the other. That commute may be short but trekking my way from Downers Grove is a WHOLE other story. However, I have more than one way to get there. Although I may live in the suburbs, Chicago and its neighboring suburbs do offer alternatives.

My So-Called Life

Picking up where I left off. It seems like these past three weeks have involved figuring out summer work schedule, anticipating moving into THE apartment (not so much the move-in process), catching up with friends, and visiting family. Let’s put it this way, getting reacquainted with Life.

Ayo, Technology

Returning to the United States going now on two weeks in retrospect [of study abroad], I realize that the internet was a major constant source of helping me in my academics and exploration of France. In addition, it allowed me to keep in communication with those back home. The evolutionary world of social media such as Facebook definitely made it easier to not feel so “disconnected” but now that I am back, what do I think of it all?

Leaving Delirium, This Flower Has Blossomed

I didn’t think I would have any sort of difficulty (re)adjusting back into my “normal” life that is until I realized how Parisian life had slowly crept its way into ma vie. It’s odd, as I reflect, how “attached” to Paris I have become—something I didn’t think would happen. In all honesty, I did like Paris but to say that I fell madly in love with the City of Lights right at the get-go is not the case...

My Planted Seed…What I Leave in Paris

200 some odd-days later, and my study abroad experience hasn’t solely been about “traveling the world”….And there’s definitely more to it than all the crepes, baguettes, cheese, pain au chocolat, and choco eclairs I have “munchied” on….

The Hustle and Bustle

DePaul....what led me to you???

How Did 8 Become 3?

From Paris feeling a tad more like home to looking back on what a year I have had i.e.: Seeing the French Pop Artist YELLE in Paris, how fitting! And well, looking forward to what’s to come! And no, this is NOT my final blog entry, although it’s sounding like it…

Sometimes All You Can Do Is Laugh

You know that feeling you get “Me vs. the World”….yea kind of like that…OK OK, not to THAT extent but sometimes there are a few too many [little] coincidences. But you know what? At the end of the day...all you can do is laugh. Learn to laugh at yourself!—trust me I have a loooong time ago...

Moment for Life

The Kodak Moments of Life...and moving to its beat!

March, Spring forward!

March, the month of “renewal”—nature (blossoming flowers), time (daylight savings time), “Spring” cleaning, and so on. I am so looking forward to March 21st—the official commence of Spring but before I can look forward to the much anticipated new season there are my courses to figure out. Not so much in terms of schedule because I already know—I mean 6 weeks in you would hope so—but in terms of my midterms and finals.

SO Fresh!

Forget the organic supermarkets! Marché en plein air (outdoor markets) are more like it! If only Chicago had ideal, year long weather….Paris 1, Chicago…well we won’t get into that....

These Boots Were Made for Walking

So not like Nancy Sinatra's reference but...What better way to explore and discover the Beauties of Life than by walking! Getting lost in thoughts, music, and of course: writing. P.S. It’s also a great way to window-shop…problem is staying out of the stores!

Never Did I Think...

When I was a little 7th grader at Holy Triniry choosing “my” Confirmation Saint never did it occur to me that one day I would learn “her” language [French—well in process]---let alone live in France. Life has its twists and turns indeed. It has all been a snow ball effect…one thing leading to another!

Je Suis Arrivée

This all looks familiar…a little too familiar…This has been the smoothest flight I’ve had going to and from Paris let’s hope it’s a sign of good things to come! Oh and or course some Parisian things don't change..as in protests..Welcome to the "75"

On-Campus Jobs: "You Never Know..."

Interesting how you oddly think to mix the "workplace" with "fun" or memorable times, however it's been through my on-campus jobs that I've found some of the most "interesting" people or even people who have played an intergral part in my Blue Demon Years....

Because Once Isn't Enough

Because you can never "over-celebrate" a birthday...Good People--Old and New can only lead to one thing: Good Times. January, you have shaped up to be one good start to a new year! It's getting to be that time again to take my colorful little being to the "75" aka Paris!

Where Do I Begin?

So it’s been quite some time and A LOT has happened: waiting in line for 11 hours, camping out at the Charles de Gaulle airport, arriving in Chicago after more than 3 months, shopping at Target—yes quite the cultural experience, drying my clothes with a dryer, driving, drinking skim milk: “Some milk and cookies”, wishing Baby Jesus a Happy Birthday, and ringing in the New Year!

Vale, Venga, Vale!

Right from the start as I waited to board the plane to Madrid and overheard the family in front of me, I should have known the “mélange” I would experience the next few days. After sitting down, I noticed that not only had the family been speaking Spanish in front of me but now the mom extended an English newspaper in front of her and loosely listened in on her daughter reading French:“Franglish.”

The Art of Giving

Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Swirl Peanut Butter, Goober Grape, 8 lb. bag of La Preferida Pinto Beans, Molé…What do they all have in common? They all make Daisy very very happy and remind her of a little place she likes to call home…

Birthday Cake? More like Birthday Crepe!

It’s not often that you get to sit on Pont des Arts, aka Lovelock Bridge in Paris, and have people sing you Happy Birthday…at midnight...as the Eiffel Tower twinkles in the background—oh so precious! And a good friend buying you the perfect combination of banana and chocolate all wrapped up in a warm floury “blankie”—recipe for a party of flavors in your mouth!

Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate with Almonds, Mint Chocolate…

WARNING: Reading This May Cause Severe Chocolate Overload, Some side-effects may include but are not limited to....

Bread…Cheese...Wine…Thank God for the Walking!

So I’ve finally had it! I mean, who could deny a warm, oven-baked baguette inviting you to tear of the crispy delicately burned end?—Crunchy on the outside, soft, fluffy, and warm on the inside! Pair it up with any cheese (fromage de chevre pour moi s’il vous plait!) But considering the Ray isn’t just a three minute walk down Sheffield anymore…it doesn’t seem like the equation of reduced physical activity and increase in carbs will balance out! Thankfully Parisians walk everywhere and rely less on cars an

Is This Real Life?

Pancakes...Chicago...Skim milk...driving..."Ding-Dong Now Approaching Fullerton, Exit on Your Left at Fullerton"...La Villita (Little Village, a Mexican neighborhood of Chicago)....This all seems so far away, so..so...distant...perhaps in another lifetime that I had!

Eat.Breathe.Sleep: French

French: Fulltime job...maybe this song that I “discovered” before my departure to Paris can help...The song’s title is actually giving some good advice! Although the rest of the song has nothing to do with actually speaking…but it’s both CATCHY and on ONE of my playlists, so enjoy!

Setting the Pace...

My, my where is my mind? I had forgotten to mention this about my family: They like colors! or at least for their environment they do! One of the first things I noticed walking into their multi-level house in Malakoff, were the bright colors (lime green, magenta, deep plum purple) that accented their home décor! From the first moment, things were looking good!

S-T-U-D-Y Abroad...I had forgotten...

Bonjour Mes Amis! Going on two weeks now, and I'm finally beating the "le décalage horaire" (jetlag). I'm getting into the swing of things...for instance now I am "armed and ready" to go shopping in a supermarché--it's different from an American grocery store, picking my brain and trying to remember the French grammar--yikes I need a refresher! Oh & I love how on the weekends there are random musicians everywhere! Did I mention attending mass @ Notre Dame and a lazy afternoon Sunday along le Seine:-)

Welcome to Delirium

These past seven days have all been ONE big BLUR! A GOOD blur though! Not only have I visited the Eiffel Tower, the Pantheon, the Louvre, Paris' prominent 5th arrondissement known as Le Quartier Latin, and Notre Dame (just to name a few spots) but I have also gained a better insight to French living: What to do and NOT to do...well it's a learning process. I am welcoming the challenge and excitement of living in Paris with open arms! As the saying goes, Learn a New Language--Get a New Soul.

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Good Morning to all! As I write this it is 3am on the day of my departure! This is where all the nerves, excitement, curiosity, joy, and yes “waterworks” aka teary “eyed-ness” come into play…OH and some last parting wisdom from one of my friends Jazli—ummm 3 pages long filled with travel hints and tips!—Thanks Jazz!!!!

The Latest Sensation!!!

August, the "back to school" month, the last full month before students return to the desks and four walled atmosphere, but for me...it's my last month here in the U S of A..so let's make it count! Soon I'll be joining these guys on stage ;-)

Don't You Just LOVE Thunderstorms???

Chicago experienced some extreme rain and thunderstorms this past weekend! it's crazy how earlier that day I was walking around the DePaul Loop campus on a bright clear skied sunny day! Even taking pictures of interesting displays along State Street!--the "watchful eye"

Not Afraid to Break a Sweat in Heels

Commuting isn't the only thing keeping me busy, but also my internship, finalizing things for my "trip" (French consulate appointment is the 27th) family, and friends!

And So, Life Continues!

I can't believe we're already at the end of June! It seems like only yesterday that I was planning my Public Ceremony and getting ready for finals! Oh did I mention no more U-Pass :-( SIGH, the unlimited CTA access I had...is now...G-O-N-E. But that hasn't stopped me from seizing the day!

After All is Said and Done

After THIS Thursday my sophomore year will be…COMPLETE! I remember when I was writing about the excitement and anticipation of starting my new year, smell of fall, the diminishing leaves of the once green and rich trees, and well now I look back and I must say this year has been full of new beginnings and many little “excursions”.

One Day 90, the Next 70

In reference to the numbers, I'm talking about the weather! This past Saturday and Sunday it was at least mid 90's and BANG come Monday around 70...that's Chicago for you! Gotta Love It....I know I do :-) Although my kayaking plans were put on hold this weekend, there was still much to be celebrated (my public ceremony, cousin's birthday/cookout) AND there is still MUCH to be looked forward to!

Brain Food! Yummers

So regardless of the time of day it is--Breakfast is good any time! Our moms were right about it being the most important meal of the day! Check out some of my favorite spots to go!

Raising Money for Diabetes

Oh where to begin, this weekend just zoomed right past me! There's a lot to be done these next few weeks...scratch that DAYS, But at least I can sleep at ease knowing I helped a cause out ;-)--Diabetes....Not to mention making Monday a little more interesting! With what? A Stroll Comp!

So Close, But Not Quite There

While everyone has taken or is underway with their finals, DePaul just had their midterms. Oh the pleasures of being a DePaulian! But fear not! :-)

Diversity Never Tasted or Sounded So Good!

Have you ever tried balancing anything on your head? A book? No, try a candle and do it all while dancing ;-) DePaul, as I have said before, has an active student body and with the weather looking up you can be sure that events will be happening left to right! Including my sorority's Swan Ball on May 15th!!!!!

Why I Chose DePaul?--Because I Can Make Crepes!

Ok, so maybe that isn't the REAL reason as to why I chose DePaul, but where else could you make crepes for a class presentation? Working on my presentation skills all while doing something I love--cooking--sure why not? DePaul University: Where Learning is Placed Outside the Box!

Fraterday...Past Friday But Not Yet Saturday

The hope that the weekend would be just a tad bit longer. Adding a day in between Friday and Saturday would be ideal because as a college student I feel there's aren't enough hours in a day! Keeping busy and meeting new people were my two "main pals" this weekend!

Oh The Joys of CTA

The CTA, Chicago's Public transportation system, is a DePaul's student most common form of transportation taking us all over the city! However, sometimes it can prove to be quite the challenge...and put your balancing skills to the test! Nevertheless, it is an intricate system that captivates tourists' attention...Trust me...I've witnessed it :-)

Easter Weekend!

I was able to do some baking (nothing new :-) something I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do. The quarter will definitely pick up after this Easter weekend, but while my week officially begins let us see what's been going on in Daisy Land!

Quality Over Quantity!

Do you want to be known by your name or a number? It's all personal preference, but for me...I knew that personal attention was a MUST when choosing a college

Oh No! They Have Left Me :-*(

Photo courtesy of Snagsta Wordpress
My roommates will all be out for Spring Break leaving me home...alone...But there is plenty for me to do...Scholarships Search, Work, BAKE!, and roam around the streets of Chicago!!!!!

Greek--To Be or Not To Be?

Although DePaul University isn't a state school, Greek Life IS existent! :-) and has much to offer. On a side note, I'm loving Chicago's weather!!!!!!

Spring Break Alternatives

Tired of the same old, same old? Here are other ways to spend your spring break while being productive and exercising those community service skills! (And also meeting new people!)

Ahhh Spring is in the Air

Done with jackets, scarves, and gloves or should I say glittens? GOOD! So am I! Although, spring isn't here until two weeks from now, Daisy has officially declared it as..of...NOW!

Music To My Ears! :-)

Not only did this week end with a cherry, or should I say cupake (Sweet Mandy B's), on top but also with an energetic acapella perfomance!

My Oh My! How Time Flies!

This is the LAST time I will be choosing classes as a sophomore…

Chicagoans Are Rude? I Beg To Differ

Chocolate does indeed work wonders--makes life that much sweeter! I got all kinds! Almond, Dark Almond, Crisp, Milk Chocolate, and Caramel...So What's It Gonna Be?

But Can It Warm My Dinner Too?

Although my week started off kind of rocky my roommmates really know how to turn that frown upside down! Oh and I thought that technology was supposed to be getting smaller and sleeker not bigger....

Show Me The Money

Keeping Up with the busy life of a college student and seeing how to earn some extra dough! aka dinero!

And It's Only Week 2, Going on 3

I swear, it feels like I've been here longer than 2 weeks with the craziness around me! But, I'll take it...Who Doesn't Like a Challenge?

2010, Show Me What You Got!!!

Staying involved in the New Year!

The End of That Chapter!

Intersession, Cookies, and Oh My "It's Miley!"