#DoubleDemonStatus: Class of 2013

284 days filled with night classes, endless papers, and lengthy readings boiled down to the anticipation and excitement of walking those steps up to the stage at DePaul University’s 115th commencement ceremony for the College of Communication…


"I made it." These were the words that passed through my head as I submitted my last project for my graduate course work which ironically, focused on an organization I became involved in during my sophomore year: Gamma Phi Omega. This organization that has taught me about leadership, interpersonal skills, persistence, and presented me with ladies who have become my pseudo-family.  

Trying to write about my experience at DePaul this past year in 300-words or less is overwhelming. I look back and, yes, it was a challenging experience but a rewarding one to say the least. There were times when I felt that waking up to one more Saturday with a stack of readings or a paper to write that would be impossible to complete, but I would remember that I just had to bite the bullet and git’er done! It was definitely important to take my breaks from life’s chaotic pace and wind down even if it simply meant watching a movie on Netflix.


It wasn’t easy working full-time and also enrolling as a full-time student, but it was definitely worth just diving in head first and finishing within a year. Three degrees in five-years, not shabby at all I'd say. It's thanks to not only the opportunities I’ve had at DePaul but also the support and encouragement I’ve had from my family and friends. A simple text  to brighten up those days when a cup of coffee simply couldn’t quite replenish my previous night’s “beauty sleep”. Knowing that I am content, happy, and proud of my hard work and  looking back at my young(er) Blue Demon days, I couldn’t say I would do anything differently.

I may sound like a broken record at this point, but to undergraduate students, I could not stress this enough, take the time now to live, breathe, eat, and sleep in another culture—experience life outside of the city limits and DePaul. See what the world has to offer, and you’ll see that x amount of dollars, euro, pesos, pounds later you’ll have gained a priceless experience. Life in another culture can turn your world upside down and broaden your cultural lens. You never know what the unexpected can bring!—after all I decided to apply to this five-year graduate program while studying abroad in Paris. Not to mention it’s a great talking point during interviews…

Thank you DePaul for the good and the bad for it is because of them I am who I am today! Now time to get on that oh so enjoyable job search and to put these degrees into good use. Congratulations to the Class of 2013! 


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