Basketball at DePaul

Everybody knows that one of the best things about your four years of college is attending and cheering on the various sports games to show your school spirit. Here, at DePaul, basketball is huge. A lot of people get involved and cheer for the men’s and women’s teams. I am happy to announce that both teams started out the season in a very exiting way because…they won!

The men’s first game was this past Saturday, along with the women’s second game which meant a double header and "being ready to sweat" for the Spirit Squad. I was more excited rather than nervous and when we came out of the bleachers and saw the amount of students that were there to support the men’s team, that little trace of nervousness was gone and what was left was excitement and happiness. At a certain part of the game, we ran to the stands to pump up the crowd even more and having that interaction had a really fun and positive effect. The first half of the game went really quick, it was basket-after-basket for the Blue Demons!

By the second half, it got a little harder, the baskets were not as often but when they made them the crowd suddenly was alive again. It is a wonderful experience cheering on the Blue Demons from a Spirit Squad perspective. At every half time, we perform different routines and a real crowd pleaser is "Thunderstruck." Next time you are at a game, look out for that one. Finally, after minutes and minutes of tension and nail biting moments, the DePaul men’s team won their first basketball game of the season.

Both men’s and women’s basketball games are really enjoyable. Even if you are not into sports, it is still a fun option to go because how lame would it sound that during your four years at DePaul you never went to a basketball game? Plus, you can always go and cheer with the Spirit Squad! If you didn’t go to the past games, there is a double header on November 9th. Will you go? 

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