Delightful Desserts

To all of you crepe lovers, I am going to make your day. A friend of mine recently took me to this amazing little restaurant called Beezzee Fresh Food. It is simply delicious, and luckily close to DePaul; right off the Diversey stop. Their menu includes hot drinks, cold drinks, smoothies, juices, salads, wraps, savory crepes and dessert crepes.  I had the spinach, turkey and cheese crepe and my friend and I decided to split the strawberry and cream one. It was delightful!

The delicious strawberry and cream crepe

And since you can’t go to a place that serves amazing food like that only once… I decide to go again and invite a friend. It was as delicious as the first time. My friend had the nutella/strawberry crepe. She got so full that the button of her jeans was almost going to fly out. This time, I did not want a dessert crepe and, since I had been craving a cupcake for a very long time, we went to Sweet Mandy B’s Bakery. As usual, I had the red velvet cupcake. I needed this "therapy" to get me through finals week and that little cupcakes was it. What is your therapy for finals? 

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