Placement Tests 101

So you are admitted to DePaul University. Now what? Besides graduating from high school…the next step is to take the famous placement tests! Read below to understand the placement process and hopefully you will see that it does not have to be so stressful.  

All new undergraduate students are required to complete the placement process for Math and Writing. Modern Language placement exams are optional. The purpose of this process is to place students in their correct math or writing courses in order for them to excel in the course and be well-prepared to succeed in their studies at DePaul. 

Math Placement Test 101:
- You are given 200 minutes to complete it.
- There are a total of 71 questions divided in 5 sections which need to be completed in one sitting.
- Once you have created your math placement account, you do not need to start the assessment right away, but keep in mind you will have access to your account only for 16 weeks.
- Take advantage of the Practice Tests and Study Plan provided to you before making the first attempt.
- Depending on your scores, you are given the option to re-take the test.
- You must finish the placement test in order to register for orientation (Premiere DePaul).

Writing Placement Test 101:
- No extra preparation is needed to complete the writing process.
- You will
self-assess your skill level in Writing with 10 pairs of short statements.
- Based on your responses you will select the Writing course that is most appropriate for you.  
- Results will be given during orientation (Premiere DePaul).

Modern Language Placement Test 101:
- Only to be taken from students who intend to graduate with the Bachelor of Arts degree.  
- Students who wish to
study a language and have no prior knowledge are not required to take the placement test.
- You will have 2 hours to complete the test.
- Some
tests require a computer that can play streaming audio, as well as speakers or headphones for a listening comprehension portion.
- Online exams include:
Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Polish, and Arabic.

*Some students may be exempt from the placement tests, click on the following link ( to find out if you are one of them.

Good luck on your placement tests! Just have a Starbucks coffee drink next to you and you will be okay.

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