Plan A, B, & C

Last week I had to pick my Spring Quarter classes and so I decided to share with you how the class picking process usually goes for most DePaul students.  

  1. You create your perfect schedule. You have chosen the best classes, the best professors, and most importantly, no Friday classes!
  2. Because most freshmen get last pick of classes because of seniority, every once in a while you check your course cart (where you are allowed to pre-select classes to enroll in later) to see if your classes have been waitlisted or closed. If so, you must adjust their schedule as soon as possible. If not… you are really lucky!
  3. Finally, the time has come to enroll in classes. After you select the four classes in your course cart, you anxiously wait for the clock to turn to your enrollment time to then click "enroll."
  4. Maybe you got lucky and everything turned out perfect, and maybe you didn’t.  It is your responsibility to adapt quickly to the situation and find new classes or adjust your class schedule.
  5. After your new schedule is confirmed, you complain of how perfect the other one was.


The main lesson is that when picking classes at DePaul, even though it may seem like the Hunger Games, you must remain calm. Many students pick their teachers based on the descriptions provided on the website, They do not realize that DePaul University has highly-qualified professors that excel at what they do and will do their best to help you if you ask.

In addition, if the class you wanted is closed, you could either take it next quarter or look for the option to take it on a Friday.  Every student should have a plan A and B, and maybe even a plan C so that you are always prepared for any last minute changes that may occur. 

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