Stop saying "tomorrow"

Many first year students dread the famous freshman fifteen. We act like it is a disease we will all catch, when in reality it is within our control whether we gain those fifteen pounds or not. In addition, part of our problem is that we have no self-control because our temptations take over. Most of us, including myself, have eaten muffins, bagels, Starbucks drinks, Sweet Mandy B’s cupcakes, cookies, cake, deep fried food, and late night snacks. No wonder we have gained weight! Solution?

- Fill your body with the nutrients it needs to be healthy and energized. Do not eat junk food (like the ones previously mentioned).
- Get at least six to eight hours of sleep.
- Follow the 80%/20% rule; 80% healthy, and 20% indulgence.
- Go workout at the gym. Keep in mind that is more important to burn fat rather than calories. How do you do that? Find your fat burning zone, and when you are working out, have a heart rate monitor with you that indicates whether you are in your fat burning zone or not.
- Read SHAPE Magazine! Their information is very useful and valuable.  
- Have a positive attitude.
- Find a mentor... For me it is Victoria Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr. People see these women as beautiful and skinny, but if you do more research on them, you will encounter valuable information that can help you on this journey. For example, some of the things I learned from Kerr was the 80%/20 rule, the importance of an organic cold press green juice, that she is a certified nutritionist, and that her book (which I recently purchased) talks about self-improvement.

Think of this as a healthy lifestyle, and not a three month diet. If you have questions on how to get started or which are the right nutrients for your body, you can comment below or simply Google it; it is all there.

Stop saying “tomorrow.”

Get started with the following:

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