Thanksgiving Day with Mike :) 

This Thanksgiving was my first in the U.S.! I spent it over at my mom’s cousin’s house with her family and I had a wonderful time.  Naturally, we had turkey, corn bread, casserole with marshmallows, mash potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin pie, chocolate pie, and much more delicious food. After I ate, I went to change my jeans for yoga pants because I felt like my button was going to come off suddenly.

And, of course, after you eat a lot, all you want to do is nap and so I did. When I woke up, my cousin wanted to go see "Pitch Perfect," and since there is never an excuse to not go to the movies, I said "yes." I do not regret my decision at all because that was an awesome movie. It was hilarious and I actually laughed out loud! I would definitely recommend it, you will not be disappointed.

By Sunday, I was back at DePaul since I am staying over winter break because of the Dance Team (practices, events and games). It was kind of sad seeing the campus so empty, compared to how it was just a few weeks ago with students. It is still beautiful at the same time. Staying over winter break in Chicago, I will be able to explore the city it its best season. I can’t picture it during Christmas so I’m excited. I think I will definitely fall in love with the city, my new home. 

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