CDM, The White Sox and Me!

A wise man once said, “You know you’re growing if you’re always out of your comfort zone.”  

I've never been the kind of person to turn down a new experience and my Winter quarter 2012 may just be that. The College of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul is offering their yearly Project: Bluelight internship course in Mexico starting next year. Not only do I get a chance to laugh at all of my senior friends who missed their opportunity to do so but I get to tan in the sun - while everyone else in Chicago is freezing their little bunzies off -  and doing what I love (making films) and being awesome – well at least I feel that way and don’t care what others have to say...just playing :p

I haven’t decided if I want to go south yet but I’m not too concerned because I’ll be somewhere warm for ten weeks regardless - either Mexico or the warmth of my Chicago apartment - and that is if I decide to make another big step in my life.

My classes are going great. I’m taking a class called Cinema and Art which combines the understanding of philosophy and the creation of film. It’s something you have to love.

A lot of people - non-film majors mostly- will always come up to me on the street and pitch me an idea randomly just because they know that I’m a film major and for some reason believe I’m already in the industry. I should probably start saying, "Hey buddy! Call my AGENT at 1-800-CDMPLEASE. But let’s do lunch anyhow!" Ok, it’s not that bad but spiciness makes it a better story, right? 

I went to go see the new Russell Brand movie Hop this weekend and I think I want to claw my eyes out. The animation was fantastic and the bunny was without a doubt the cutest thing ever seen but OMGeezers talk about stupidity. I won’t spoil it for any readers who feel like throwing away $9.50 but if I were a critic I would give it two ears down. Even though, I would watch some parts of it again just for that little bunny. Talk about paradox here. On a less positive note, for some reason, the White Sox have decided to start off on the wrong foot with me this season. My current boyfriend  #15 Gordon Beckham – no further comments on this note - is doing fine but the rest of the team are making me consider packing my things and heading north. Just kidding, I’ll never become a Cubs fan. I am a loyal Sox fan for life and even though they aren’t doing too good right now, I am doing my best to stay positive. I’m pretty sure the Cubs lost again today and, even if by a miracle they didn’t, I’m sure they will shortly. Got to love being against another baseball team that is in the same city. 

Baseball is a great American game and even though I’m from France I still enjoy it. So many Americans don’t watch it because they say it’s boring. How is that even possible? If you have ever heard me at a game, I think Paris could hear it, too.

Nonetheless, I can’t wait for the nice weather to kick in so that my partners and I can shoot some sweet footage. Summer can’t you come any sooner this year.

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