DePaul style

Side note, as we all know, the Bears lost on Sunday and won’t be playing in the Super Bowl. Many dreams are shattered but not mine! I’m proud to say I am a PACKERS fan!!!

Isn't Green and Gold gorgeous? :)
(taken from Google images)

On another note, I am happy that my classes are interesting and we’re now starting to do hands-on projects! In my production class, some of our screenplays are in production. Our teams are already formed and we all get along – what more to ask?

In my Writing for TV class, we’re starting our workshop for our "show bibles." Show bibles is the description of all and everything about a TV show, including themes, tempo, characters, and what’s going to be in the first, second, and third season and more.

In my acting class, we show off our acting talents in class with partners of our choice and, in the near future,we will film our scenes, too! In my screenwriting class, we need to pitch our ideas to start typing up our scripts which in all honesty is where the creative brainstorming kicks in.

All of this sounds awesome to me and the other students are excited about this, too. It almost feels like so much to do in so little time but, when you love what you do, time is just a minor factor in all of this.

I can’t believe we’re already in week four and there’s only six weeks left before spring break! This is crazy! Time goes by so fast. Makes me wonder where does it all go?


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