The End is Near

Wow! This quarter flew by extremely quickly! Graduation 2012, here I come!

Summer Taste in the Spring

Finally the nice weather has hit Chicago! It's been a while, since we haven't had that little summer breeze feeling!

Art of Teaching

In one of the classes that I'm taking, I'm actually teaching art to children, but not just any kind of art.

Coffee and co.

We all know how are mid-terms, pretty stressful, but let's prepare for finals. Yes finals...

Glimpse of Happiness

In the world we live in, we tend to forget to un-stress a little bit. So here's what I've found out...

The Healthy Way

It's that time of the year where people go on extreme diets to look their best in the summer time. Here's what you should do.

Easter Surprises

Easter is always a good time to celebrate with the family, mostly when a new little guy joins our family.

Life Changes

Oh here we go again for another quarter. This will be my last quarter at DePaul, since I will be graduating in June.

Fever of Filmmaking

Student filmmaking is not always that easy! When you are ready to shoot, no one else is and when you’re not ready to shoot everybody else is… Well this occurs most of the time and it makes it hard to get things done.

Life on its Own

When I moved to Chicago, I didn’t want to live in a dorm. I thought it would be far more complicated to do so, compared to having my own space.

Whitney Houston

As one of many of Whitney Houston's fans it was a devastating tragedy to find out her voice was muted.

Dreams of a Sleepless Mind

Have you ever had those sleepless nights? In the sense that after a long day, you're tired, but you somehow can't fall asleep, because of your rushing brain?

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Oh boy, it’s that time once again, the time where germs are flying everywhere and many of us are vulnerable enough to catch them. So what do you do once you got the chills, the sniffles, a terrible cough and a little fever? Read on for answers.

The beauty of resolutions

Recap of the last month of 2011, I took a class during the winter session, most of my friends were in that class and it was a good time!

Thanksgiving +1

This thanksgiving was interesting. My honeycake and I drove all the way down to Dallas, Texas. Obviously, I did more of the singing, sleeping and taking care of the pets, while he was driving the whole way… that’s the beauty of not having a drivers license!

Thoughts of Winter

The quarter is ending, Thanksgiving is on its way and Christmas decorations are starting to invade the streets of Chicago.This is my favorite part of the year. Why? Read on and you’ll find out.

Gabby in Wonderland

OMG! I don’t know where to start, but let me tell you this… this weekend was A-mazing! I’ve had the best surprises ever and well let me tell you about it!

King of the World

GingahBread Man is in the house people! For all of you guys who are sick of listening to the same type of hip-hop and for those who don’t like hip-hop due to explicit lyrics or not so appealing lyrics – mostly targeted to women - and so on… Well here’s a special something-something for all of you.

It's OK to...

Girls probably know the Glamour magazine chronicle where there’s one page of good feeling with just an “It’s OK to..” So here’s my good feeling of “it’s OK to..” for everyone, boys and girls.

Honey I'm Home... Well school, same thing

Monday mornings are always the toughest to wake up to. Not because of no sleep or going out all weekend. It's just a Monday thing. Anyhow, that's not the point, but I wanted to share the feeling that all of us feel too!

Girls just want to have fun, but when?

We all know as ladies, we always want to go out, hang out with the gals, but we always seem to be too busy for some reason! Taking five classes and working, can barely give yourself some free time, so the question is how to balance everything out?

Hans Zimmer Style

Since school has started it’s what I call back to grinding these coffee beans – I’m saying this as I’m sipping on some God sent coffee. Anyhow, as I were saying, it’s time to get back to business or shall I say our notebooks, MacBook’s and books – lot of book going on.

Summer Winds

We all love Frank Sinatra’s, summer wind song. Though when you actually hit summer winds and get sick, you no longer love that.

Feels SO good to be back!

Wow! A month or more has past, since I've last posted anything. CRAZY! It's been a while but, at the same time, where did this past month go? Let's rewind a bit here...

Keep on running... And maybe take a breath.

Seriously since summer break started, it has not been much of a break or time for relaxation. But I actually had some beach moments here and there and some really lazy moments as well recently. We all need a little time off.

Busy, Busy, Business...

I don’t recall in my 22 years of life being this busy! There’s no time for a good time – ok, that’s a lie, it just rhymed. I’ve been on-set since school was out for the summer which also means I probably won’t be able to fit in an appropriate trip back home but I think it’s about time for them to come to me – hint hint my little French Fries.

S.O.S - School is Out for the Summer

The spring quarter just ended. Boy what a weight off my shoulders! There was a lot of work, lot of last minute filming, lot of last minute editing, lot of last minute writing, basically a whole bunch of ‘last minute’ things. Now it’s time to focus on other things a.k.a Chi summer time!!

Memorial Day was definitely memorable

This long weekend was nice, but most of the weather was not gorgeous! I had my family in town. My brother and sister-in-law came in to visit. I hadn’t seen them, since Thanksgiving – Skype doesn’t count as seeing someone, that’s just enhanced technology. Anyhow, here’s the recap.

L.A. Getaway

Leaving town for a little while feels amazing. I felt like I really needed this time off, from all the Chicago state of mind. Not saying I don’t love Chicago anymore or anything like that. It’s just I needed to clear my head and come back with a clear mind. This weekend I got to learn many new things and also was able to reflect on certain aspects of my life.

Love at first sight!

This weekend, I was on set for my friend's short film "Closer" - he would have liked to make a feature out of it, but we all know how expensive it is to make films and we all don't have the resources just yet.

Insomnia Maniac

Let's just say it's been a hectic week!

The Smoque'ing New Place in Chicago

Good brisket, good ambiance, good time, basically you HAVE to test it out!

The Impact Of My Life To Entertain You

Let's just say making decisions is not easy :p

CDM, The White Sox and Me!

A little MIA recap...

Left with the memories...

From Paris With Love...

I'm so pumped!

My Crew Is A Dream Team And Not Through Shampoo!

I thank everyone with whom I worked with on the filming projects. It was a pleasure!

Connection is successful

I bet many of you think everything comes to an end when the Internet gets shut off... well I had a whole week without it and actually figured out that it's (big) time consuming.

Meeting people and the Superbowl XLV

Know how you meet people and of course a small Superbowl recap.

I'm YOUR Lime Green Cheerleader!

Please support the Hodgkin Lymphoma disease, wear Lime Green. I dedicate this to my friend!

DePaul style

Let's NOT get sick!

A few tips to prevent time in bed with a fever this quarter.

Epic Red Line

Bonne année and back to school

Happy New Year everyone!

Chicago's notorious winter is here!

Winter doesn't have to stop you from fun activities.

Viva break time

Break can be awesome, but sometimes you develop cabin fever. Here's how to avoid that.

Time change and end of Fall 2010

My CDM classes so far...

Here's a little glimpse of what I'm taking this quarter.

Far away? Might as well stay close!

Being homesick is not an embarrassment. Here's what I went through and how I managed. Hope this can help :)

It feels like summer, but we're in mid-October!

Study in sunny Chicago.

New to the city

Make Chicago your new home.