Chicago Restaurant Week


Chicago Restaurant Week is put on by the city and many restaurants that are normally fairly expensive offer pre-fixe menus ranging from $22-$44 a person. The restaurant week serves as a great way for people to dine at restaurants they otherwise would not and for a college student it's amazing!


I participated in restaurant week my sophomore year but last year I was out of the country, so to celebrate that I'm actually in Chicago this time around I've made TWO reservations! One of the great things about Chicago Restaurant Week is that the pre-fixe menus for all the restaurants are available online so you're able to see exactly what kind of "deal" you're getting. Some of the restaurants I have been dying to go to throughout the city don't necessarily offer the best selection on their pre-fixe menu (RPM, for example). So, after shopping around I made reservations at Chicago Q and Mercadito. 


I picked two restaurants that are fairly different from one another, Chicago Q being a dinner time steak house and Mercadito being a lunch time taqueria. The menus look excellent online and I'm very much looking forward to dining at these places! 



I can't rant and rave about Chicago enough, but I am just so intrigued by the idea of Chicago Restaurant Week. By creating an opportunity for budget conscious diners to try nice upscale restaurants across the city Chicago certainly enables a great sense of community. It's excellent that I am able to explore more of the city on a budget! 



To see all the restaurants that are featured in Chicago Restaurant Week visit 


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