Treat Yo Self Round 2

After moving out of the dorms for my sophmore year, I really missed my meal plan. I took my meal plan for granted during my freshman year and once I moved out and had to start shopping/cooking for myself I found that I was wasiting a lot of money. While I don't eat out too often, I always try to find good food for affordable prices in the city. So, here are some good suggestions of cheap eats near DePaul. Now go treat yourself!! 

#1  Cheesies Pub And Grill is a restaurant which specializes solely in Grilled Cheese that opened up in the Lakeview neighborhood right on Belmont and Sheffield. 

The restaurant offers seven variations of grilled cheese with a rotating special every month. While grilled cheese might seem pretty generic on the surface with just cheese, butter and bread, Cheesies takes it to whole new level. There's the classic, cleverly named "Traditional" with Chihuahuah Cheese, Chorizo Sausage, Pickled Jalapeno Peppers, and Bacon, But, Cheesies still offers some unique creations. My personal favorite, "The Frenchie" includes American and Mozzarella Cheese, Bacon, Chives and French Fries 

The average price ranges between $6-$15 for a whole meal which, in my opinion, is completely affordable for the (occasional) greasy food splurge! 

#2 Pasta Palazzo offers authentic, hearty and cheap Italian food for the Lincoln Park crowd.

The restaurant is located right in the hustle and bustle of Lincoln Park on Halsted/Armitage. Pasta Palazzo tends to be the go-to restaurant after a long day of shopping on Armitage. The menu ranges from traditional appetizers, quick salads, hearty sandwiches and homemade pasta. Pasta Palazzo also features an extensive wine-list and delectable desserts. Again, like Cheesies, the price isn't outrageous and the food is delicious. Plus, I went on my first date with my boyfriend here over two years ago so it holds a special place in my heart! :) 

#3 State is a Lincoln Park bar with over 100 plasma screen TV's, daily discount specials and friendly staff and is an obvious hit with DePaul students. On a normal night, State would be a bit too expensive for a college student with the average dish price being around $14. But, State offers amazing food specials on most weekday evenings. If you're not on such a college budget, try stopping by State on a Tuesday for trivia night.

While the specials change every once in a while, the last time I went there on a Wednesday, everything on the menu was half off with a purchase of a drink and on Thursdays everything on the menu is $5. Mondays offer $5.99 sandwiches. Again - check before you go because every once in a while they change up the days and the prices shift around a bit - but it's usually cheap and good! 

While each of those restaurants is a hit around the DePaul campus, there are so many more to explore! After 4 years at DePaul, I still haven't eaten at all the places I've wanted, so go get out there and explore!
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