Selling Back Books

It's so secret that textbooks are expensive so I've found it really helpful to be able to sell back/trade in textbooks and make a bit of money back.

Treat Yo Self Round 2

A while ago I did a post on eating around the lincoln park campus for cheap lunches, but this post is dedicated to a big of "splurging" for dinners. Don't worry, still budget friendly!

Safety at DePaul

Going to school in a big city might seem scary at times, but DePaul places a huge emphasis on creating a safe space on campus.

Navigating Public Transit

As a DePaul student, using public transit is a must. Here's a little run down on what it's like to ride the train and the bus!

Super Bowl Recipe Guide

The second best part of Super Bowl Sunday are all the snacks, appetizers and desserts! Here is a little list of some of my go-to recipes for a potluck!

When it's cold outside....

Sometimes it really is just TOO cold to go outside...

Study Spots

A short-list of the best study spots around the Lincoln Park campus.

Chicago Restaurant Week

Chicago Restaurant Week is a city wide celebration that occurs every February for a 10 day period in which hundreds of restaurants across the city offer an alternative menu for new dinners.

December Class: Yes? No?

This is the second year I have decided to take a class during DePaul's infamous 7 week break. While relaxing with no school would be great, I always like to stay busy so getting a quick class out of the way is a great alternative!

Teach For America 2013

I am honored to announce that I have been officially accepted into the 2013 Teach For America Corp in Milwaukee!!

Mustache Chronicles

Halloween is without a doubt my favorite holiday of the year. I love the costumes, the candy and all the fun I get to have with my friends! Halloween in Chicago is ESPECIALLY fun!

Weekend in Wisconsin

This weekend I escaped the busy city and enjoyed a weekend in Madison, Wisconsin!

My Favorite Class at DePaul

One of the advantages of being in the honors program is that the curriculum for general education courses is a bit different than the rest of the undergraduate programs at DePaul. For one of my honors electives I took a course called American Printmaking with Professor Needles, which focuses on learning the different types of American prints throughout history along with working directly with famous pieces of art.

Pizza on Pizza on Pizza

Chicago, without a doubt, is known for it's food. From gourmet restaurants, to hole in the wall hot dog stands, to ice cream - Chicago honestly has it all. Now, as much as I love all types of food, there's a special place in my heart for pizza and as a self-proclaimed pizza lover, I couldn't live in a better city.

One Book. One Chicago.

One Book, One Chicago is a literacy project sponsored by the city of Chicago that runs each Fall and Spring. I first got introduced to the One Book One Chicago program in an English course taught my Lucy Rinehart. OBOC is a community-wide reading program that encourages people of all ages to engage both literacy and social involvement.

Yoga for Trade

Staying fit and healthy is really important to me, and as usual, DePaul offers many resources to encourage a healthy lifestyle. I definitely utilized the gym my first three years at DePaul, but I started doing yoga at Core Power, which is conveniently right next to the Rey Meyer Fitness Center.

Leadership at DePaul

DePaul offers many different ways to get involved on campus, one of which is through SLI, the Student Leadership Institute.

Round 4: Discover Chicago

I can’t believe this is the fourth time I have participated in the Chicago Quarter program at DePaul. That’s outrageous! For those of you who are unfamiliar, The Chicago Quarter is a mandatory class that all incoming freshman have to take at DePaul which introduces all students to their new life both at DePaul and in Chicago.

Rock the Vote

Election season has officially started! With the Democratic National Convention and the Republic National Convention taking place over the past two weeks it would be impossible to not take notice of the upcoming Presidential Election! No matter who you're voting for or where you're political views lie, it's important to get out there and vote!

Dorm Room Decor

Moving out of your childhood bedroom and into a 6x6 dorm room can definitely come as a bit of a shock but there are many ways to customize your living space to feel right at home. While the dorm room might be significantly smaller than a bedroom in the suburbs, it definitely has potential! Here’s a small post about how to customize the décor and feel of your dorm, budget style!

My Very Own Italian Family

I recently got back from teaching English abroad in Italy and now that I’m back to my every day life I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the experience I had while in Italy. Overall, it was an absolutely amazing experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have lived with a wonderful family who took me in as their own.

Teaching English Abroad

After traveling to Madrid for a quarter abroad last winter I've fallen in love with Europe. From Paris, to Lisbon, there isn't a city I haven't lost myself in. Well, my love affair with Europe continues this summer as I return to Italy to teach English.

Chicago Music Festivals

I have made a few posts in the past about how amazing Chicago summer is and I can't help but make another. I fully accept that Chicago isn't the best place to be during the winter but the summer without a doubt makes up for it.

Pin what?

Pinterest, a new social media outlet, has become really popular among my group of friends. Basically, it's a website where users are able to create lists which include pictures/thumbnails of the items which then link to an external site. While pinterest tends to be just for food, fashion and DIY crafts, one woman made it a CV/job application!

Academy Chicago Publisher

This Spring I've been interning a small publishing house called Academy Chicago Publisher. My official title is the 'PR and Marketing Intern', but I work on a lot of different projects and I'm absolutely loving it!

Avoid Illegal Downloading

DePaul, among many other colleges across the U.S. have taken a pretty strict stance on pirating music over the university database. So, instead of risking downloading anything illegally I’ve put together a list of alternative ways to listen to music and watch television.

Treat Yourself

The absolute best part of Chicago, in my very very very baised opinion, is the FOOD. I’ll admit that freshman year I mostly ate on campus and barely went out to eat. But, once I lived off campus and no longer had a meal plan I was finally able to explore the food Lincoln Park had to offer. I’ve put together a list of places I liked to go when I feel like treating myself!

DePaul Chose Me

It’s crazy to think that three years ago I was living 2,054 miles away from Chicago and I had never even been to the state of Illinois...but today there's no place I'd rather be.

Internships through DePaul

Even though I am thousands of miles away from DePaul this quarter, there’s still a lot that I have to take care of while I’m abroad. First and foremost is my Spring quarter schedule and second, my spring internship. I’ve mentioned here before a bit about DePaul’s internship opportunities, but here’s a tiny refresher on how to secure one for yourself!

School vs. Escuela

I’m about half way through my quarter abroad and having an absolute blast. I’ve been traveling across Europe, indulging in various European cuisines and practicing Spanish. But, I think it’s time I take a second to actually reflect on the study part of study-abroad.

Belden - Super Double

Looking back it’s funny to think about how much stress I went through trying to pick the ranking for my freshman year dorm. I had a list of all the requirements I felt I needed: a double room, private bathroom, no bunk beds, extra storage space….etc. It’s silly to think that I had such rigid requirements because after finally moving in to the dorms, your expectations totally shift! Even though I lived in Belden, I don’t think it was the best place to live on campus, but it’s definitely the nicest!

Smart Travels: Part 2

I just got back to Madrid late last night from an incredible 4-day weekend in Paris, France! The city is love was beautiful and I can’t think of anywhere I would have rather traveled for my first European snow, but now it’s back to “real life” in Madrid. Paris was only my second trip of six, but I’ve already perfected the skill of being a tourist and maximizing my time and money while on a trip.

Smart Travels: Part 1

This past weekend I went on my first out-of-Spain excursion to Amsterdam with friends from my program. The first trip to Granada was paid for and organized with my study abroad program, so there was no stress there. However, the Amsterdam trip was all on us, and being the over-organizer I am, I took a hold of the group and planned everything for everyone. Now, having completed the first of my many European excursions, I've learned some helpful tips on what to look for in the future.


This past weekend I went on my first European excursion to Granada. I finally feel like I’ve settled into Madrid and it was really awesome to be able to have an opportunity to see another part of Spain, without having to travel too far.

Class, in Spain?

Well, unfortunately school is actually in full swing. After enjoying almost two full weeks in Spain without a single class, a single responsibility or single obligation, I guess it’s time I accept this reality.

Spain, week 1

As I embark on my study abroad experience in Madrid, Spain this Quarter, there's a lot I have to take into consideration. First, the language is a huge cultural difference and something that's a huge obstacle for me. My spanish skills are slowly improving and I'm able to order food at a restaurant or pay for groceries with little peril. But, one other obstacle in Madrid is the public transit system, or the 'Metro'.

Day 1: MAJOR jet lag!

After two flights and 11 hours of travel, I'm finally in Madrid! I'm so tired that it hasn't yet set in that I'm actually abroad! I've never traveled to Europe before and I am experiences all sorts of emotions.....but I'm only half a day in and ready for what awaits.

Study Abroad, Madrid

Today marks the last post I’ll be making in America! As winter break comes to a close, I’m getting ready for a life changing experience. I will be studying abroad in Madrid, Spain during the Winter Quarter. I’m looking forward to all of the adventures, the experiences, and the challenges that come with studying abroad. Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

Holiday Movie Guide

Ah, the holiday season always brings out the best movies...but not all are worth your time. I’ve compiled a list of some of the newest and most well-reviewed movies coming out this season.

Study Time!

I can’t believe the quarter went by so quickly but thanksgiving is just around the corner which only means one thing, it’s finals week! Finals can become very overwhelming….very quickly. The best thing to do to avoid the last minute stress is to plan ahead! I compiled a list of some places around campus where you can go to study and avoid the stress of finals!

Oxford Messed Up

Lately I’ve been posting about the stress involved in securing an internship and how overwhelming it is….but I got one! I’ve been working really hard at getting all of this sorted out, so it’s such a great feeling when things finally fall into place. I just got an internship with Grant Place Press, a new publishing company headed by DePaul professor, Andrea Kaufman. I’m working with Andrea on her new novel, Oxford Messed Up.

Reading...for fun!

As an English major, I rarely have time to read for pleasure. I absolutely love my major, but as expected, the reading load is sometimes overwhelming. Each of my English classes usually involves two or more novels, weekly reading and lots and lots of writing. But, I finally squeezed in some time to read for fun!

All Hallows Eve

Halloween doesn’t have to break the bank! Yes, pre-packaged Halloween costumes can cost anywhere from $40-$80, but who has that much money to spend on just one weekend? Plus, in college, Halloween tends to span over an entire weekend, so unless you’re wiling to spend over $100 on two costumes in just one weekend, you’ve got to be creative!

Cooking Creatively!

Ah, the days of having a pre-paid meal plan. I was so foolish to hate having a meal plan my freshman year. I remember complaining about having to eat the same foods from the student center every week, whining about the lack of variety and just being all around ungrateful. Well, right about now I would do just about anything for a prepaid meal plan!

Opportunity Awaits....

For me, securing an internship has been extremely overwhelming. My parents, my friends parents, my parents friends and basically any person over 25 that I encounter makes a point to tell me the importance of having an internship. While I completely understand that having an internship and building experiences is a necessity for a successful career, I can’t help but wonder – where do I even begin!?

De-Stress @ DePaul!

You know you're a college student when the first thing you think about when you wake up is when you'll be able to sleep again.....

The Kindle Craze

Last week Amazon released their improved Kindle e-readers along with a new line of Kindles featuring color screens for movies, TV shows, games and of course, books/magazines/newspapers. Now, the question is to Kindle or not to Kindle?

Course Collaboration

People are always debating whether being on the semester system or the quarter system is better. There are certainly pros and cons to each academic schedule, but in my opinion the quarter system is the best choice. Yes, classes typically work at a faster pace and yes, if you fall behind it’s really tough to catch up – but the sheer amount of classes the quarter system offers is what makes it stand out.

que sera sera!

The transition from summer to Fall Quarter is never an easy one. It’s hard to trade in my carefree attitude and nonchalant lifestyle for the busy and sleep deprived existence I’m about to subscribe to. But, whatever will be will be, there’s no point in postponing the inevitable..School’s started and I’m ready for a fantastic fall quarter filled with great opportunity and challenges!

Summer Lovin'

I know that most of my posts throughout the summer have been all about local Chicago events, but honestly – I can’t get enough of it! The summer festival season is coming to a close, but this weekend I got to attend my favorite event of the summer: The Chicago Air and Water Show! This week is my last official week of summer and I’m going to enjoy every second of it – and so should you!

Keepin Busy in the City

Chicago is fabulous in the summer. There’s no questioning that. However, keeping busy during the summer without school, homework, less hours at work, not a lot of money and friends coming in and out gets a little hard. I’ve made a little guide of things I’ve been doing throughout the summer to keep busy every day!

Land of Milk and Honey

On July 4th, instead of watching fireworks and eating hot dogs I boarded an airplane for a 10 day vacation in Israel. While July 4th is without a doubt one of my favorite holidays, I have to say - spending ten long days in Israel was well worth the sacrifice.

52 Bagels Later...


Moving out and moving on!

One of the best parts about being in college in the city is having a “real life” apartment. DePaul offers a lot of on-campus housing options but after freshman year in the dorms I was ready to have a place to call home. I moved into an apartment really close to campus and I loved it – but come Friday I’m moving again!

To Sophomore Year!

It’s always sad to say end-of-the-school-year goodbyes. Whether I know I’ll be seeing my friends sporadically throughout the summer or not until Fall Quarter, it’s still sad when the school year comes to an end. Sophomore year provided so many amazing experiences, opportunities and created strong friendships – but I’m ready for what is to come! also, just thought I would share this adorable video of the cutest little kid! I hope we're all still get excited about the little things! :)

Discover/Explore Chicago

One of the best things about DePaul’s First Year Program and, in my opinion, DePaul as a whole is the Discover/Explore Chicago experience. Discover/Explore Chicago is a course that freshman take during their first quarter at DePaul that is co-taught with faculty and a student mentor. The course is designed to acquaint first-year students with all aspects of the city, from its unique neighborhoods, rich history, various organizations, diverse cultures and the community as a whole.

Scheduling, again!

We've reached the time in the school year where, despite all of the things you have to worry about for this quarter, you have to plan your next quarter. I made a post a little while ago describing how I choose my classes and how I make a "dream" schedule so I figured I'd do that again.

House Hunters

This past week has been absolutely crazy! My academic work load is busy as always, but on top of that I'm making a lot of important decisions for Junior year! I finally signed a lease on a new apartment and went to a really fun CUBS game.

Vincentian Service Day

it never hurts to give back to your own community...

Sometimes you need a "mini" vacation

headed to UW Madison this weekend!

Naysay? Yaysay!

"...but why would you trade in a wardrobe of shorts and tank-tops for snow boots and North Face jackets?"

Cooking in College

While I do love Easy Mac and Top Ramen, I think it's time my eating habits expand!

How to (attempt to) Stay in Shape

i'll start my workout routine tomorrow...

A Guide to College Saving pt 1

full price textbooks? No way!

Global Brigades!

Summer 2011

Spring Break Happenings...

what to do what to do

Cardiac Care

Sorority Philanthropy Events!


why you shouldn't get a pet as a college student...

Gnomeo and Juliet

the best film of 2011


I think I have a problem

Here Comes the Sun...

Spring Quarter Registration!

No Hablo Espanol


The Sublease Scandal

only a picture can do this blog justice

Winter Break is...Over?

I have to admit, my last post was a little bit negative. And by a little, I clearly mean overwhelmingly pessimistic and filled with self-pity. But now that I’ve turned my attitude around this six-week winter break has been pretty great. With a visit from my boyfriend and an eventful road trip to San Francisco, break became immeasurably better and Chicago is just a few days away!

Winter Break is.....Fun?

I am happy to be home with my friends and family, but I'm really hoping something picks up or I might just rot away for six weeks...

home sweeeeeeet home

Getting through finals is tough, but it's nice to finally be back at home with all my cats...

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

discount halloween candy and weeks without showering, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

63 days. 23 hours. 40 minutes.

I've been back in Chicago for a little over two months and as the summer and fall are officially ushered out, I'm bracing myself for what winter has to offer!


It's time to toss the prepackaged halloween costumes and hone in on your creative side. No generic and cliche halloween costumes are welcome here!

I ate 1,492 Tapas

Midterm study sessions are one of my favorite things. Sometimes they aren't as productive as we intend for them to be, but they're fun nonetheless. During the study session breaks we always end up on youtube watching lots of funny videos, and this is my newest favorite.

And I Paid For This Message

It's the beginning of fall and as the leaves shed from the trees and the halloween decorations begin to go up, we can't help but notice the immersion of election season.

Chicago Style Fun

It’s weekends like this that I can’t imagine living anywhere else but Chicago.

Welcome to Alpha now have pneumonia.

Over 300 girls participated in recruitment and somewhere around 210 got bids from one of the six sororities on DePaul’s campus. :)

Greek Life

We have a few more days left of recruitment and then we’ll be able to welcome about forty new girls into our sorority. I can’t wait! :)

To The New Year

The end of summer is always bitter sweet. It ended too quickly, but it was time for me to pack up my life in California and say goodbye to sleeping in until noon, IN-N-OUT french fries, innocent summer love and my comfiest pair of cut-off jean shorts. While leaving home at the end of August every year is sad in ways, I like to think that what awaits me in this upcoming school year is well worth the momentary sadness.