Extended Holiday Gift Guide

I love giving gifts - almost too much. Needless to say, Christmas is my favorite time of the year. At our office potluck, I was dying to shout out what everyone got the other person or who my gift was for. I just love the surprise and shock on someone's face when you get them the perfect thing to match their personality or the items that they were lusting over all year.

Holiday Shopping Guide: Halsted Ave

Located just steps from DePaul’s Lincoln Park Campus, Halsted Avenue is a picture perfect street for hanging out between classes, grabbing a late brunch on a Sunday, and getting all of your Christmas shopping done. I usually flock to Halsted whenever I want to get some shopping done without the stress of dealing with a million tourists.

Can we go to the gift shop?

Visit Day? Not always the best wake up call but it definitely won't be a waste of your weekend. However, when you leave, you'll want to stop by the gift shop.

Why I'm Glad I Chose DePaul

I just registered for my second to last quarter here as a student at DePaul. Scary right? If your reading this as a current student, you’re probably counting down the days on a calendar. But for me, and the other 4,000 soon to be graduates, it’s a scary feeling. Not because we’re not ready for the workplace that awaits us but entirely because DePaul has been such a great place to be over the last 4 years.