How to make a cake look like a pumpkin

I usually make big, "messy" cakes, but this year I tried to make one look like a real pumpkin.

When I say "big messy cakes," what I mean is I like to make really tall cakes that usually have chocolate or caramel poured all over them. I like to make cakes that are full of flavors and look fun to eat and less delicate than standard bakery cakes. A couple of crowd pleasers have been my chocolate covered strawberry cake and my white chocolate caramel cake.

I tend to avoid working with very delicate details on cakes, because, to be honest, I usually don't have the patience and I also doubt my own abilities. But this year I decided to go for it and try to make a cake look like a life-size pumpkin.

First, I whipped up some cake batter and colored it orange. This isn't necessary but I thought it would be fun to cut into the cake and see orange just like you would see in a real pumpkin! Then I baked the cake in a round mold. You can find molds like this at, or other baking supplier companies. After the cake baked, I frosted it (generously).

Then, I covered the caked in rolled white fondant. You can make fondant at home, or you can purchase it from Joanna Fabrics or Wilton stores. After I rolled the fondant and covered the cake, I used the back or a paint brush (also used for painting the cake later) to give the pumpkin life-like ridges.

Next, I mixed some food coloring gel with a little bit of water and used a paint brush to paint the fondant orange. Gel food coloring is best for this and can be found at specialty baking stores or bought online. Regular, liquid food coloring would not work for this method, but it could be used to color the fondant before rolling it out.

Next, I took some left over fondant and kneaded some green food coloring into it, and then attempted to shape it like a stem. I think if I do this again, I might try to use gum paste or possibly mold fondant around something to give it more of a realistic stem shape.

Even though it had its flaws, everyone really enjoyed it and I had a good time trying something new!

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