Music Nerd Humor vs. Juries

With the ominous shadow of juries lurking in the distance, music nerd humor transforms from commodity to necessity.  Thanks to the great World Wide Web (namely, Facebook) it is easier than ever to share. 

Particularly because Fall Quarter's juries are always our "Tech" juries, we might need little reminders to focus on our etudes instead of repertoire...

And if that reminder comes from Batman, well, that makes it even more memorable! 

"Tech" juries typically involve performing scales (including arpeggios and double stops for strings) and etudes, the amount of both depending on your year, for a panel of several professors.  Naturally, I was unimaginably nervous for my first jury freshman year.  Going into my last Tech jury this fall, I've realized that, if anything, it is a great performance opportunity and provides an incentive to keep practicing...

This past weekend was a long haul for musicians at DePaul- featuring various concerts from ensembles such as Concert Choir, Wind Ensemble, University Singers, Baroque Ensemble, and (if I may say so) an epic performance of Mahler's Ninth Symphony that went a little like this:

Just kidding!!  Imaginatively, passionately, and expertly directed by DePaul's Michael Lewanski, Mahler's Ninth is and will always be one of the most memorable
 concerts I have played.   

In the mean time, it's time to keep practicing my viola (because according to the chart above I should) in order to prevent future YouTube searches from turning out like this: 

Good luck to everyone with their final week of Fall Quarter! 

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