My Personal Spanish Crash-Course

Though I'll soon graduate with a BM (Bachelor of Music) in Viola Performance, I have been fortunate enough to squeeze a Spanish minor into my schedule.  For the past two years, I've taken various Spanish classes at DePaul, varying in themes from modern literature analysis to the Spanish Renaissance. 

My first lesson in Mexcan hot chocolate and churros at a café in Guanajuato. Mmmmmmmmmm... If only every Spanish class could be include this much chocolate!

As beneficial as any foreign language course can be, the real test naturally lies in its application.  This winter break, I've been lucky enough to make my way to Mexico City and give my best go at applying my classroom Spanish to everyday conversation.  Despite some rough starts, it really is amazing to see how much one learns within two weeks in a foreign country!

And to the left, just one of many examples of the gorgeous architecture to be found in Mexico.

If I didn't already have a thirst to learn how to converse in Spanish, I had a particularly good incentive to do so- to meet my boyfriend, José's, family.  Of course, nearly all of José's family speaks English, but out of courtesy and curiosity I couldn't pass up such a valuable opportunity to improve my Spanish.  

José and I on the steps of the Universidad de Guanajuato. Notice all of the colorful buildings here?  I wonder what my landlord would say if I painted my apartment building pastel purple...

While in Guanajuato, José and I ran across an announcement for a concert of the University's orchestra.  One that featured none other than the Bartok Viola Concerto- a legend of the viola repertoire.

I'll close here with the scenic sunset over Tepotzotlán, the location of the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz museum (my personal heroine and the subject of last quarter's Spanish paper).  My first- and surely not my last- visit to Mexico has been one full of incredible people and experiences.  Until next time, Mexico, ¡Nos vemos!

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