Quidditch and Club Sports at DePaul

Name a sport, any sport!  I bet you a Nimbus Two Thousand you can find it at DePaul.  Skiing? Dodgeball?  Swing Dance? SKYDIVING??  You name it, we've got it.  Come meet the Club Sports at DePaul!

Freefall DePaul

Do you like to jump out of a perfectly good airplane from 14,000 feet in the air (and of course, float safely back to the ground!)? If so, then DePaul's Skydiving Club is for you!”

-Club description, Freefall Club

Why, yes, jumping out of airplanes happens to be a hobby of mine.  Not.  But, I have to say, DePaul's Freefall Club had me at “hello” with their club description at campusrec.depaul.edu.  Naturally intrigued, I followed the link to their Facebook page, and found some really cool photos and videos of DePaul students taking the plunge.  WOW.  That is one cool club. 

Freefall DePaul gathers after a day of jumping out of planes.

(photo:  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4787943297195&set=o.156931847616&type=3&theater)

The Cliff Hangers Club

“The Cliff Hangers Club is open to all new and experienced climbers! Gear is provided, so all you need is a rocking attitude! We're an adventure group focused on climbing and bouldering at Chicago Clubs and Midwestern campgrounds.”

On a Cliff Hangers climb in the city.

(photo: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=359794877377529&set=pb.196196907070661.-2207520000.1362425037&type=3&theater)

On to the next cool club, The Cliff Hangers Club!  The rock climbing club meets every Friday for a two hour climb at clubs nearby.  Chicago may not have a rocky mountain in sight, but there are actually two sports clubs (within walking distance of DePaul's Lincoln Park Campus) that offer massive climbing walls. With free climbs after the $15 membership fee, Cliff Hangers really does sound like a rockin' good time. 

Swing Society

“The DePaul Swing society strives to share the love of swing dancing with the DePaul community, and help new dancers find their feet. As an organization, their goal is to teach and share swing dancing as a social dance, both at DePaul and in the greater Chicago community.”

If heights makes your stomach feel like it just jumped out of the plane before you did, take a step back, then another step forward, one to the side, and pretty soon you'll be swing dancing!  DePaul's Swing Society is one of the club sports I've tried personally.  Dancing every Thursday night at the Ray, as well as occasional weekend trips to dances throughout Chicago, the Swing Society offers a fun, friendly, and instructive atmosphere to get your swing on.  Highly recommended by yours truly!

Swinging every Thursday night at the Ray!
(photo: http://campusrec.depaul.edu/pgmserv/club/Pages/SwingSociety.aspx)

I could go on for another week about the really amazing club sports you can find at DePaul, but I'll let you explore them for yourself at the Club Sport Directory here. And don't worry, we have “normal” sports too!  If you're looking for a good old game of Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, or Dodgeball (to name a few), they've got you covered.  


I admit, DePaul's cornucopia of club sports does not, unfortunately, include a Quidditch Club.  That was partly a shameless attention-grabbing ploy of mine. It was also an expression of excitement about my project for one of my courses, History of Games.  For our final projects, each student analyzes and presents a sport of his/her choice.  My sport of choice?  Muggle Quidditch, of course!

Yes, you heard correctly- Muggle Quidditch is a real thing.

(Photo: http://www.bizjournals.com)

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