Sweet Potatoes for the DePaul Student Soul

Hello, sweet potato.




Here we are- in the new year with plenty of new things-to-do on our plate. In addition to starting my Winter Quarter classes and adjusting to life post-winter break (not easy!), I also have several specific goals for the new year. Ok, I have many goals, possibly too many, but I thought I'd knock my top two down at once: Spending less money and eating more healthfully.  My plan?  Relying on something tasty, healthy, and inexpensive- sweet potatoes!

What do you know about sweet Potatoes?

Other than the fact that they taste AMAZING no matter what you do to them (with few exceptions, of course) I actually didn't know very much about sweet potatoes before writing this blog. But I thought I'd sell sweet potatoes with their health benefits first:

Vitamin C- no cold, no flu!                                (http://science.howstuffworks.com)

Vitamin D- more energy!

Iron- even more energy!

Magnesium- less stress!

Vitamin B6- healthy bloodstream!

Potassium- calm your nerves!

If you're not convinced by the healthy part, you'll be salivating by the end of the tasty part. Time for baked sweet potato ideas! Keep in mind that nearly all of these take less than 10 minutes to put together, including the 5 minutes it takes to microwave a sweet potato.

The Basics
The basic baked sweet potato: Puncture skin in several places with fork. Microwave on high for 5-7 minutes, depending on the sweet potato's size.

Sweet Potato Burrito

Slice the baked sweet potato in half, and pile on avocado, lettuce, black beans and salsa. An addition of either sour cream, cheese, or plain Greek yogurt makes it even tastier, as well as a few leaves of cilantro.   


Mediterranean Sweet Potato
Add hummus! I promise, it tastes good. If you really like the color orange, add some carrots on the side to complement the hummus.

Mashed Sweet Potato
Bake it, chop it, mix it in your bowl with a fork. Season with salt, pepper, rosemary, garlic, and a spoonful or two of Greek yogurt.

Spinach and Cheese Sweet Potato
After baking the sweet potato, nuke a couple handfuls of Spinach for 30 seconds. Distribute the cooked spinach over the halved sweet potato and top with cheese. Mmmmm.



Sweet Potato, Sweet Potato, One, Two, Three!
As much as I love cooking, I'm the first to admit that college allows virtually no time to hone your culinary skills. I'm not suggesting you drop your textbooks and become the next Gordon Ramsay (but if you do, please cook for me!). However, home cooking in college is healthier, cheaper, and way more fun than any alternative. With the sweet potato, it's easy, too!


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