Creating An E-Portfolio

My capstone course for completing my education degree is a place to reflect on my student teaching and prepares me for the interview process that will come after completing my degree. The professors in the College of Education from a student’s perspective have done a great job with making me feel ready and confident to enter the classroom. A big piece of this feeling of confidence comes from being able to create an e-portfolio. Click here to check out the site.

The presentation the Writing Center gave my capstone course went step-by-step on not only the beginning steps on how to use digication but the ins and outs of all the tools the site has to offer. I was really impressed by how they taught us how to troubleshoot and how to embed photos, videos, and pdf’s. I was more than ready to go home and start making my e-portfolio ready for applications.

When I began to start shaping and forming my e-portfolio to present myself as a teacher, I was shocked to not have that moment that I felt I needed to pull my hair out. Digication is a site that is user-friendly and I enjoy using it to highlight my teaching abilities. The site made my achievement look organized and easy for a future employer to navigate. I know that my e-portfolio will at least help me to get my foot in the door.

DePaul University is a school that doesn’t lie when it tells you that they help students get a job after college. I am proud that at any school I enter for teaching I am able to say I am a student from DePaul University. This is one memory of many that built up the confidence I needed to feel prepared for that next chapter in my life. Thank you DePaul!

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