Ready, Set, Decorate!

Over the weekend, I made these wonderful creations with the two children I babysit for. Every Saturday, I try to come up with ideas to make the time pass faster. This may have been my best idea yet but it sure was messy!

When I went to the store to pick up the gingerbread houses, I was amazed by what I found. I was overwhelmed by the assortment you could choose from! There were houses, sleighs, trees, trains and more! When I was a kid, all I could choose from was the type of house I wanted to make. After about ten minutes of trying to decide, I chose to stick with the traditional and think about what would be best for the kids to decorate. At checkout, I had purchased a gingerbread house and Santa’s sleigh.

The kids were more than excited when they saw what was in my bag and could not wait to get started! I tried to make the process easier by putting all the candy into separate bowls and the frosting into a new dispenser, but my preparation failed. I forgot kids were making these creations! If I had to guess I believe more frosting ended up on the table than on the gingerbread.

During the process the children made it into a competition to see whose would be the best. They had time to plan because it took me a good ten minutes just to try to get the roof to stay on the gingerbread house. My suggestion to all of you is if you're not going to eat it use super glue instead!

While making the gingerbread houses, it was amazing to see what ideas would pop into their heads. I thought I wouldn’t be able to recognize what each one made because it looked like a competition for who can fit the most candy on!  I could not choose a winner and in the end called it a tie. As you can see both worked so hard and did a great job! 

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