Taste the Forbidden

One of the great Chicago Treasures is 90 miles Cuban Café which provides customers with the opportunity to eat authentic Cuban food. Not only does the food taste great but the atmosphere will also keep you coming back for more. The service does their best to make sure you are kept happy and laughing during your entire dining experience. The walls are filled with artwork that shows Cuban culture and history which are sure to spark many conversations. This great restaurant has appeared on Diners Drive In’s and Dives and was featured in the Chicago Reader.

I had the opportunity to go to 90 miles Café this weekend. I was truly impressed from the moment I sat down and all the way to the amazing cup of coffee I drank on the way home. Some dishes that are a "must" include Maduros (sweet plantains) for an appetizer and Bistec de Palomilla (steak) for an entree. The server who helped me to understand the menu impressed me with how he was able to explain how each Cuban dish was unique and what I would enjoy the most. This is a restaurant to face your fears and really enjoy a culture different from your own. The food was delicious and I will recommend it to my family and friends. I will go back if only just to enjoy the Cuban coffee and the wonderful atmosphere. This is a "must" in the city of Chicago! 

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