Hungry Walk 2011


Kappas at the 2011, Hungry Walk


    So I did the Hungry Walk last weekend. Who says college students cannot do community service on their summer break? Clearly, I am a super college student because not only did I raise funds for the event, I walked 3 miles which seem like forever. The cause was to prevent hunger in people everywhere but mainly Chicago. The event was held by Soldier Field and it had so many people who came out for this worthy cause.  I was shocked at the turnout. There were so many people.  I met people from all walks of life and even met other members of my fraternity there as well.

    It was nice walking with my fraternity brothers and other volunteers that accompanied us for this good cause. Even though  I was tired and hungry throughout the walk, I was happy knowing that all the proceeds were going to the Chicago Food Depository and that this event would help people who could not afford food. 

    This event made me think about my time at DePaul these three years. The idea of giving back to the community like St. Vincent DePaul did has constantly been encouraged by being a DePaul student and has inspired me to want to do more community service. Donating my time and service to this cause is something I believe St. Vincent DePaul would be proud of. 

    I challenge anyone not doing anything this summer to do some community service. You might be able to make a difference.

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