Why is it so cold Chicago?

I have been going about my days miserable because the sun is not out and I am ready for spring time to stay and not to keep playing with my emotions. It seems to be hot one second in Chicago and then freezing again. This is not my desirable weather at all. I personally would like it to be 70 degrees so that I can bring out the fly apparel: shorts, t-shirts and the jordans.

At the University of Illinois at Champaign. It was cold.


Even though it’s cold, I have been having a good time being in a fraternity. Last week, I discussed that my chapter had some events line up and now my first Kappa week is about to start, I am excited. Well, for people who do not know because you are not in a fraternity or sorority at DePaul University, you have a week where you have a huge amount of events that displays school spirit.

I am so excited for Kappa week but I would be more excited if someone would tell spring time to tell summer to come so I can chill on the beach. Oh Chicago, tell the spring to come to stay!!!

Me on North Avenue Beach in Chicago last year


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