Gravity Test

Amanda Bergeron

Hillary Clinton Came to Campus!

Tim Littman talks about seeing Hillary Clinton at DePaul's Loop Campus.

Check Out Chicago

Josue Ortiz discusses his trip to the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool in Lincoln Park.

Year 2 and Independent Living

Zoe Krey talks about her new apartment and her started her second year at DePaul!

Visiting Home

Sarah Fisher talks about going home for the weekend, and enjoying fall!

Studying Abroad in Llamaland

Ruth Hogle talks about spending time in Peru!

Art Expo

Amanda Bergeron starts her year off by visiting an art expo at Navy Pier!

Time is just flying by

Very excited to start my last year of DeBlogging and looking forward to what this year and beyond hold.

Countdown to Classes: 10 MORE Tips to Get You Ready for DePaul

Last week, we posted 10 tips to help you prepare for life at DePaul. Here are 10 more to quench your thirst for DePaul knowledge.

Countdown to Classes!

10 tips to get you ready for DePaul!

Modern Language Requirements

Hola. Bonjour. Hallo. How many of your high school language skills are going to make the journey to college? While retaining those skills can be difficult over a long summer, taking a language in college might be an incentive to keep in practice. While it is still encouraged to continue a language regardless of your program, some students do not have an actual requirement.

My First Freshman Summer

Josue Angel Ortiz tells us about his summer, and reflects on his first year of college!

Preparing for DePaul!

Coming to DePaul this fall? Check out Zoe Krey's tips and tricks for preparing for DePaul!

Tips for Finals Week

Josue Angel Ortiz shares some fantastic advice for how to survive finals week.

What about John?

Nya Brooks attended “What about John?”, an open forum to discuss men’s role in sexual violence.


Amanda Bergeron discusses how she likes to spend her extra meal plan money at the end of the year.

Don't forget to pack your bike.

If you're comfortable on a bike and willing to take a risk, you should definitely bring your bike to school. There's probably no better way to explore the city than on a bike.

Reflections of a rising senior

I can't believe I'm writing it, but I'm on the verge of entering my senior year here at DePaul. That has me thinking about what I hope to accomplish in my next year and what that means for one year from now.

Sandra Cisneros: guest speaker

On June 13 Sandra Cisneros will be coming to DePaul to speak.

Did the Fourth of July Come Early?!

Zoe Krey went to see the start of the summer fireworks at Navy Pier.

Professor Help

Josue Angel Ortiz discusses getting help from his professor.


Amanda Bergeron discusses her philosophical dimensions course.

Black and Gold Scholarship Gala

Nya Brooks attended the Black and Gold Scholarship Gala.

Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK)

Blake Stewart utilized the Alumni Sharing Knowledge program here at DePaul.

A Free Exercise Class

Title Boxing opened in Lincoln Park and I went to a free class.