Living in Sanctuary Hall

That's right, I'm throwing down-Sanctuary Hall (SA) is the best residence hall on campus (in my humble opinion)! Allow me to share why.

First off, I need to stress the history (being a SecEd History major). What is now Sanctuary Hall was built in 1883, making it the second oldest building on campus after St. Vincent DePaul Church. It was built as St. Augustine's Home for the Aged by the Little Sisters of the Poor. Now it's one of the largest halls on campus.

Location. Location. Location. Need I say more? SA is located right smack dab in the middle of the Lincoln Park campus between Kenmore and Sheffield. The east side faces Dominick's and the Sullivan Athletic Center, the south side faces the pristine Arts & Letters Hall and right across the street from the main entrance is the John T. Richardson Library. This is great for many, many reasons. The proximity to all these places is ideal for the following situations:

-If you are running late for class
-If it's raining, snowing or anything in between
-If it's freezing cold out but you don't feel like putting on the giant parka
-If you need to spend a long night in the library
-And so on

Another great thing about living in Sanctuary is that it's basically a private fortress. The shape of SA Hall combined with SA town homes creates quite the peaceful environment for residents within - full courtyard included!

I think the best point about SA that differentiates it from the other residence halls is that it has full apartments. Sure, Centennial, Sheffield Square, and McCabe Halls all have apartments as well but they don't compare to the size and grandeur of SA Hall. The average floor to ceiling height in SA apartments is 12 feet!! Every apartment has a full kitchen equipped with microwaves, oven/stoves, and dishwashers. Don't even get me started on the bathrooms! Polished tile floors and walls and the bathtubs - HUGE!

The best part of Sanctuary Hall for me though would probably be the people in it. I love my fellow RA's and RD's that live here and all of my residents (well most of them maybe). It nice to be able to live in a community where I know so many awesome people!

This, my readers, is why Sanctuary Hall is the best.


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