Spring Break

Yes, I'm a college student. Yes, I had hot lovely weather during break. No, I was not in Cancun.

Housing Application Process/Resident Advisor 101

What first-year students should know about applying for housing and your Resident Advisor

Diversity - Chicago Weather

DePaul University prides itself as being one of the most diverse schools in the country so does its climate.....

Big East Conference Meet-New York City!

It was a long weekend, but definitely worth the work put into it

Living in Sanctuary Hall

The perks of living in the best residence hall on campus.

A Day in the Life

The typical Monday of a DeBlogger

Keeping the Faith

Going to church can really help this college student when dealing with the stresses of a busy life

Track Meet

First track meet of the year and of my college career!

Buying Books!

Get some helpful tips for saving on textbooks.

Back to School

Sometimes I look forward to going back to school.

Holiday Break! (Sort of)

So there's six weeks of break, but I'm not sitting around eating kit-kats!

The Nutcracker

Need your annual dose of the Nutcracker? My selfish plug.

Student Visit Day

Visit days at DePaul are a great way to learn more about the University!

Keeping fit!

Staying physically healthy is not hard at all for students at DePaul!

Feeling smart

Have you ever thought that you do so much work that it would be nice to be recognized once in a while? No? Well I have!

The Chicago Marathon

A great way to get free stuff and give your time for service.