Looking Forward

This may make me really lame, but I get so excited every quarter when the new course catalog comes out and it's time to pick classes for the following quarter. I use and abuse the course cart like it's nobody's business. Not to mention that degree progress report. That's a whole different story, one that ends with me spending four hours of my time trying to figure out my entire life here at DePaul. 

Every quarter, I try to mix in a little fun with the dreaded requirements (for me, that's math and science). As a transfer student, I came to DePaul with a lot of units already completed, most of which being general education courses, but not all of them. Each quarter so far, I've had two general courses and two major courses, which I consider the fun classes. That doesn't necessarily mean they're easy, but they're much more interesting to me. If I had started my four years at DePaul, I probably would have tried to knock out all of my general requirements early on, but this way works for me also. It's always about balance, whatever that is for you.

I think I've bothered my academic advisor more than she'd like to admit, but I highly recommend checking in with your advisor once in a while to make sure you're on the right track. The DPR is a great tool to use, but it doesn't always give 100% accurate information. As a double major, some of my classes count in two different areas of my degree. The DPR can't show that, so it gets tricky. 

If you can and your major allows for it, you should definitely take some of the "special topics" classes. As a comm and media studies major, I'm able to take the most amazing class all about Seinfeld. For real. It's all Seinfeld all the time. The class is Special Topics in Television Studies: Seinfeld. It's awesome. There are a lot of options for special topics classes offered to communications majors, and I'm sure there are some great ones for other majors. Definitely take a minute to try to squeeze one into your schedule.

At DePaul, we're lucky in that if we don't like a class, it's only 10 weeks! The quarter system may feel overwhelming sometimes when you think about how many classes you're taking, but it's also a great opportunity to explore things that you're interested in and really get a well-rounded education in your major. Take time before each quarter to pick out classes that you feel will be exciting and interesting, but make sure you're getting the dreaded classes in, too, whatever those may be.
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