Online Learning

Online classes are certainly not for everybody. I’m still not sure they’re for me, but I continue to take them because they make life so much easier. Over the last few years (in community college and at DePaul), I’ve learned how to succeed in online classes and not completely forget about them.

The luxury of online classes is that most instructors understand that because students are taking online classes, their time is precious. This usually means that instructors will give out weeks, months, even the entire coursework curriculum at the very beginning of the class. My current class is done weekly, meaning that I get everything I need for the entire week of assignments, tests, etc., each Sunday. I have had classes, however, that will have the entire 10-week course available on the first day of class, so you could really bust it all out in a week if you wanted to or needed to. I’m taking four classes and an online class now, so it’s really convenient for me to have my entire week of online work available at once.

The key to online classes is to NOT FORGET. It’s so easy to log on once and ignore emails for a few weeks, but that’s bad news bears. The first time I log on to a new online class, I bookmark the website on the bookmark bar in my browser so it’s constantly staring me down. DePaul’s online classes are built into D2L so you can’t really ever forget (if you’re anything like me, you’re on D2L daily). I also always verify that the email address I have attached to my class is the one that goes straight to my phone so I’m always current on any changes or reminders.

Online classes are incredibly convenient if you’re a busy student (who isn’t?!) and if you don’t have a totally open schedule. I work 5 days a week and try to maintain somewhat of a life outside of work and school, so online classes suit my lifestyle right now. I can log on from my couch and knock out an assignment while eating breakfast and then be done for the whole week. I highly recommend them if you just don’t have the time to dedicate to that one extra class you’ve been meaning to fit in somewhere in your schedule. You can search on the course listings on Campus Connect for classes specifically offered online.

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