A New Job

As a college student, you can never be too busy. This week I will be starting a new job at DePaul as a tutor for Athletic Academic Advising.

Basically, with this job I will be tutoring student athletes that are in need of assistance with their accounting classes. At first, I was very wary to take this job as it would add to my busy schedule; however, when I thought about it more, I began to think of all the benefits I would get from a position such as this.

To begin, I am going to be tutoring in my major: Accounting. The amount of accounting knowledge I am going to gain from an on-campus job such as this is immense. In any major at DePaul, they offer tons of different opportunities from jobs to volunteer positions so you can get hands on experience in what you are learning.

Secondly, I will be able to use this knowledge on my post-graduate certifications. Anybody that knows about the CPA knows it can be a brutal process. Being a tutor will basically force feed my brain accounting methods and principles. When DePaul talks about utilizing what you learn, this is a great example. With this position I will be able to teach something I have learned in hopes that these students will begin to see the magic in accounting that I see.

I feel like a large portion of students looking for on-campus jobs go into it saying “I will take anything I can get.” I think the best mentality is to go in and search for something you want and something that you can learn from. DePaul offers tons of different on campus jobs and internships that you should definitely take advantage of. Just make sure whatever you do that you are learning and gaining valuable experience from it.

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