Avian Biology...Ornithology...Bird Study

As a business student at DePaul, I was required to take one science lab course. I am very interested in science and DePaul offers a large amount of different courses you can choose from. My initial thought was to take chemistry because I like it and am good at it; however, I decided to take a course completely foreign to me: Avian Biology.

It is funny that I decided to take this course because my house at home is basically a bird sanctuary as my dad has a legitimate obsession with birds. So far in this class, we have learned pretty much anything you can think of that relates to birds. Bird identification. Bird feathers. Bird flight. Bird characteristics. If it has bird in front of it, we most likely have studied it. We also have watched films narrated by David Attenborough, who is one of my favorite narrators.

A mallard that was about 2 feet away from me

One of the best parts about this class is that it is, for the most part, taught outside. We learn about and see birds firsthand in our studies. Our main study site is the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond, which is in very close proximity to DePaul. Here we study birds, learning about the birds inhabiting the area as well as the other species at the site. One of the studies we will be doing is placing fake nests with fake eggs in them around the site and seeing what type of birds and predators will use the nests.

The Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond

This class has been one of my favorite classes I have taken at DePaul. I definitely see myself continuing my studies in this field.

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