"Dead Man Walking"

As one of the assignments for my Peace, Justice, and Conflict studies class we went to see the play “Dead Man Walking.”

“Dead Man Walking” is both a play and a movie. The movie is directed by Tim Robbins, starring Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn. It is a true story of a Catholic nun who works with inmates on death row. The reason why we saw this in our class was because it brought up many current issues such as capital punishment and the death penalty.

The playbill for "Dead Man Walking" at DePaul

The class I am taking is taught by Phyllis Griffin, who adapted the play and helped direct the version we saw at DePaul. The reason why I enjoyed this experience so much was because not only was Sister Helen Prejean, the Catholic nun in the story, at the showing, Tim Robbins who directed the movie was also at DePaul for the play. After the play, there was a question and answer session where we could ask any questions regarding the play or the death penalty.

The day after the play, Sister Helen actually came to our class and we were able to further discuss our thoughts regarding the play and capital punishment. She was very interesting and it was really cool to talk with someone that has made such a huge difference in the United States and who is a very well-known figure in the Catholic faith.

Sister Helen and I

Since my time at DePaul, I have gotten to see some amazing motivational speakers. A few weeks ago, the founder of Post Secret came and gave a presentation at DePaul. DePaul has also hosted people such as Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family and Josh Rador from How I Met Your Mother.

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