FanTaxtic Case Competition 2012

This weekend, I was given the opportunity to participate in the Deloitte Tax Case competition. Getting involved with competitions like this at DePaul are great ways to learn, meet firms and have a good time.

Planning for the competition started in June of last year. Since only five people can be on the team, the two DePaul advisers had to interview prospective team members. Something interesting about this competition is that two students must be sophomores. Being a sophomore in this competition is tough because you have not taken any tax classes so the older students on the team have to teach you all of the tax codes and codifications; but, it is a priceless learning experience.

This was the office the competition was located in.

Overall, I spent over fifteen hours preparing an eighteen minute presentation with over thirty slides. One of the hardest parts about the presentation is that two hours before you have to present, the representative gives you an update that changes the entire outcome of the case. I really liked this part because you had to think on your feet.

This competition was for scholarship money as well as money that goes directly to DePaul. If we get first place, we get an all-expense paid trip to compete in the national competition at Deloitte University in Texas. For me, the competition was already worth it. I met new friends, had a fun time, and learned about tax. Opportunities like these happen every month in the business school. Whether it is going to a meeting to learn about a company to joining a case competition, there are tons of ways to get involved in the business school.

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