Logan Square and Argyle

As I have stated in some of my previous posts, I am all about exploring and seeing different neighborhoods in Chicago. During this quarter, I explored two Chicago neighborhoods I had never been to before: Logan Square and Argyle Street (Uptown).

Logan Square

Logan Square is a neighborhood just north of Wicker Park off the Blue Line. One of the things I really liked about the neighborhood was the openness and amount of free space in the neighborhood. Unlike Lincoln Park, which is heavily populated with building on top of building, Logan Square is much more open, with larger streets and more parks. We walked along Milwaukee Ave. and saw tons of small parks and boutique shops. We stopped at a flea market, which was an extremely cool experience and we also saw some amazing mural art along the street.  I have posted some photos below of the neighborhood.

A mural along the CTA Blue Line.

This is an example of the Logan Square-type architecture we saw in the neighborhood.

A picture of the Illinois Centennial Column. 


Argyle Street is a street in Uptown that is somewhat the “Vietnamtown” of Chicago. All along the street there are delicious Vietnamese restaurants, bakeries, and shops. We decided to stop at the restaurant Nha Hang Viet Nam. The restaurant featured very authentic Vietnamese food. We all tried fried rice noodles with vegetables. It was really great trying all the authentic food.

This was a really cool mural on Argyle Street that we saw.

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