Cell Biology with Dr. Stan Cohn


Two weeks ago I had my first exam in Cell Biology with Dr. Stan Cohn. About 60% of our grade is made up of two major exams so the first one was pretty important.  Since it was on my mind so much, I thought it was only proper for me to write a blog about the class. 

The biggest reason I enjoy the class is my quirky professor Dr. Stan Cohn. Every class we start with a joke that relates to the topic and we vote on our response with out I-clickers.  He has an incredible way of making topics understandable and connected to the other things we are learning, in his class and others.  He's funny as could be, really approachable and willing to help. He really understands how we learn and how he can present material to make it seem simple.  His height (or lack of height) is definitely another quirky feature.

Cell biology is a required class for Biology and Health Sciences majors, and even though I'm a chemistry major, I am in the class because some medical schools want you to understand the concepts.  We started the class talking about DNA transcription and translation to create proteins.  After a lot of discussion about proteins and their uses in cells, we stated talking about membranes and the major components of cells.  I have the lecture twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday for an hour and a half each.  I also have one lab a week for three hours.  

I expected the class to be pretty tough and dense.  So far it has definitely been manageable because it is really interesting.  Taking the class along with organic chemistry has helped me relate the two concepts and I was able to better understand the structures of different amino acids, the reactions that take place to make proteins, and the structure (which determines the function) of the different macromolecules.  Overall, I'm happy that I decided to take the class because I feel like I am definitely learning and it will be helpful in the future.  It's one of the first biology classes I have taken where I can tell that I will remember a good amount of the material in a couple of years (and I have Dr. Cohn to thank for that).

Here are a couple other videos of Dr. Cohn:

Dr. Cohn singing about "break up".

Dr. Cohn can help if you're struggling with cell division.

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