From a Small Town to the Big City

My transition to life in a city was exciting, scary, and fast.  I grew up in Rochester, Illinois and lived in the same house throughout my childhood.  I wanted to go to school in Chicago because it was like nothing I had experienced before.  I didn’t grow up with the ability to walk to almost everywhere I need to go.  If someone were to ask me what I think my best decision in life has been yet, I would probably have to say my choice to come to DePaul.  There may be other schools similar to DePaul, but being a few hours from home while also in a totally different environment has taught me more than I could have imagined. 

The mission at DePaul has made me think about what our society calls “normal” and to question my own values.   I have gotten to explore new interests that I never knew existed, and I have been given the chance to learn about some of the biggest problems that plague our society.  I could have gone to many different schools to experience something outside of my small town, but I appreciate DePaul because it has been so much more than just experiencing a new environment.  

I got to spend some of my time over winter break at home with my family and friends.  Every time I go home I appreciate more the peace and quiet that a small town offers.  I feel like I can finally slow down and relax.  Nonetheless, I get excited to go back to school, start classes, and see all my friends. 

The contrast between my hometown (Rochester, IL) and my life at school is valuable and my experience would be much different without being able to experience both environments.  I am interested more than ever in exploring different places in our country and in the world.   As my sophomore year winter quarter starts I am reminded that a little more than a year ago I came to DePaul looking for a college experience and I have gotten so much more than I could have expected. 


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