My First Loop Class

I never expected to take a class in the Loop because I'm in the College of Science and Health.  All of the required classes for my major are in Lincoln Park and unless I chose to take a class in the Loop, I probably never would have had a class downtown.  A few of my roommates who are studying Public Relations and Advertising or Accounting have classes in the Loop almost every quarter, but this quarter is the first time for me.  I had been to the Loop campus a few times, but I had never been in all of the different buildings that make up the Loop campus.  

I signed up for Health Communications mid way through my winter quarter (the time that we generally register for the next quarter of classes).  I had no idea the class was in the Loop because I didn't think to pay attention to the class location.  Sunday night before the start of Spring Quarter I realized I would be traveling to the loop for my class that meets in 14 East Jackson from 5:45-9pm on Monday nights.  I left about 45 minutes early for the first class because I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't find the building. 

After three sessions of my Loop class, I've realized that the Loop campus is pretty incredible and definitely a unique way to experience college.  I'm able to take a break from the day while on the train, finish a bit of reading if I need to, or think through my day and what else I need to get done after class.  I have been taking the Red Line to get downtown, but the Brown and Purple lines also stop right at the Loop Campus.  Because my class is three hours long I usually get a 15 minute break, in which I run to Jimmy Johns or Chipotle and scarf down dinner.  I have lab in Lincoln Park right before I need to head to the Loop so I'm usually pretty hungry during the first part of class.  The smart choice would be for me to pack my dinner and take it with me- maybe some week I'll get around to doing that.

I think it's pretty unique that DePaul has two campuses.  While Lincoln Park is where I spend most of my time, the Loop campus is growing and is an important part of DePaul. 

I would describe the ins and outs of the Loop campus, but I wouldn't be able to do it justice because I've never been in half of the buildings.  Here's a little more info about the Loop and the classes that take place there.

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